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Resolved Issues in and later


Resolved Issues in and later

Resolved issues in

Not all resolved issues are included on the page below when the release notes are first published. This page will be continuously updated bi-weekly for the subsequent sandbox releases until the next quarterly release. 

Issues resolved in

Engineering tracking ID Support tracking ID     Impacted functionality Reported Issue   Resolved Issue
ZR-25841 440242 Allocation An issue in deleting unposted adjusted revenue While collecting the INV and CM-C in the same batch, there was an issue in deleting the unposted adjustment revenue, resulting in the creation of the adjustment revenue again. This issue is now fixed.
ZR-26158 441615 Close Process Dashboard Page loading error in the CPD Booking and Billing Details

The CPD’s Booking and Billing tab ran into an error while trying to display data. This issue is now fixed by adding pagination to load only 40 records in each scroll.

ZR-25941 441047 Close Process Dashboard Unable to close period through CPD and traditional way

Closing of the period through CPD failed for multi-book due to an incorrect BookName sent by the UI, and closing the period through the traditional way failed due to a primary constraint issue. This issue is now fixed by making code changes

ZR-25213 435962 Close Process Dashboard  High exception count in Unreleased POB exception Upon Billing (Billed Release) and Upon Billing (Full Booking Release) scenarios were not excluded for Unreleased POB, resulting in a high exception count. This issue is now fixed by adding a filter to exclude the above scenarios to be added to exceptions.

Issues resolved in

Engineering tracking ID Support tracking ID     Impacted functionality Reported Issue   Resolved Issue
ZR-29890 448716 UI Fix done for the blank page display on the reset password request The issue with a blank page being displayed when attempting to reset the  password has now been fixed.
ZR-29370 448197 UI Date and Time format now fixed The RC Sched Creation dates in the journal details page were not displayed in the applicable format. This format issue has now been fixed.
ZR-27865 443649 UI Role assignment date issue in US timezone for new users has now been fixed There was an issue when users selected the date “Active From” within the User Assignment tab of the “Edit Role” window and having a US time-zone. We have now added the required date time format to incorporate the US timezone while selecting dates on the Role Assignment.
ZR-28856 447303 UI Waterfall data generation issue at line level has been fixed The field sent from the UI was not encoded, resulting in special characters being missed. We have added the required encoding on the field from the UI to send the encoded payload to the backend.
ZR-26275 440861 Close Process Dashboard  The difference in the holds count is now fixed The holds count in the Data Validation tab in the CPD section is the number of transaction lines affected by the holds, whereas the holds in the Workbench is the number of holds in the system. This resulted in a difference in hold count between the Data Validation and Workbench sections. This issue is fixed by displaying the hold count in line with the Hold Details page in CPD.

Issues resolved in

Engineering tracking ID Support tracking ID     Impacted functionality Reported Issue   Resolved Issue
ZR-24399 418380 UI Increased buffer size in the period open template The buffer size on the Period Open template is now increased to accommodate additional orgs. Earlier, when orgs surpassed the buffer size in the Period Open template, the system displayed an error when you tried to disable a task.
ZR-29439 447240 Reporting and Analytics Incorrect functional currency netting balance The RC Rollforward reports showed a variance in the F Netting Currency Ending Balance when generated at two different times for the same time period. This issue has been fixed.
ZR-29088 448054 Reporting and Analytics Issue with the output of the Waterfall report

The waterfall report generation issue has been fixed. You can now generate the reports faster without much time delay.

ZR-29812 449279 Allocation The total ending balance does not meet the expectation Earlier, the release percentage was determined based on the bill deferred and the bill recognized amount for contractual prospective scenarios when the POB is Upon Billing. In the case of a full cancellation CM, the SO line becomes $0 because of zero values in the bill deferred and the bill recognized amount. Due to this issue, the carve value gets deferred and is not created back in a contractual prospective. This issue is now fixed by considering the dates in the original SO line instead of the bill deferred and the bill recognized amount.

Issues resolved in and later

Refer to Resolved Issues in and later to get a complete list of all issues resolved in this release.