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Zuora RevPro 3.5 Release Notes


Zuora RevPro 3.5 Release Notes

This article provides a summary of new releases, features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora RevPro application.


New Features and Enhancements

Revenue Contract Move Report Showing Delinked Lines  

Previously, RevPro did not display delinked transaction lines in the Revenue Contract Move Report. From this release, RevPro supports displaying delinked lines at all levels, including the RC level, POB level, and Line level, in the Revenue Contract Move Report. This enhancement affects the following report:

  • Report Category: Sox and Audit
  • Report Name: Revenue Contract Move

Unsatisfied POB Balances Report

Previously, you could not get the balance of unsatisfied performance obligations. From this release, RevPro provides a new Unsatisfied POB Balances Report where you can capture the balance of unsatisfied POBs and rollout of these POBs.

The standard Unsatisfied POB Balances Report layout displays the following columns:

  • POB Name
  • POB Template Name
  • POB Satisfied
  • Book Name
  • Org Name
  • Revenue Contract 
  • Sales Order 
  • Sales Order Line 
  • Sales Order Line Id
  • Allocation Eligible 
  • Contractual Amount
  • Adjustment Amount
  • Price Adjustment Amount
  • Total Net Revenue Amount

This enhancement affects the following report:

  • Report Category: Revenue
  • Report Name: Unsatisfied POB Balances

Track Previously Satisfied POBs By Quarter and By Year  

Previously, you could only track changes that cause retrospective adjustments for a given period. Now, RevPro supports displaying previously satisfied POBs by quarter and by year. The Disclosure Report captures the value previously satisfied POB’s by Quarter and by Year. This enhancement coordinates more tightly with your quarterly and annual company reports. This enhancement affects the following report:

  • Report category: Revenue
  • Report Name : Disclosure - Contract Level

New Release Event Available in Cost Treatment of POB Templates

From this release, a new release event, Upon Booking, is available for the cost types in the Cost Treatment tab, where revenue release and cost release are independent of each other. This gives feasibility to release cost upon booking in the system.

Long-Term Cost Account Supports Multiple Types of Costs and SKUs

From this release, RevPro enables your cost type to reclass multiple types of LT costs accounts. You can select the LT account type which is the balance sheet account and the cost is enabled for it. The cost type can have LT cost account assigned only if you have enabled the LT Reclass. The functionality of Long Term and Short Term available for a revenue and standard costs now are extended to other cost types.

Expiration Based POB Reports

From this release, RevPro now enables you to identify if a revenue in a POB(s) Released Report is released on the expiration basis. A new column, Release Method, is available in the POB Released Report to indicate if the revenue is released by expiry or by event accordingly. This enhancement affects the following report:

  • Report Category: Transaction
  • Report Name: POB(s) Released Report

Include Prior Amount in Column Grant Total in Waterfall Reports

Previously, column Total in Waterfall Reports of RevPro only summed the monthly activities up without including the prior period amount. From this release, RevPro adds the column Prior Period Amount and renames the column Total to Grand Total. You can view the amount prior to the specified period in column Prior Amount and this amount is included in the Grand Total in Waterfall Reports.

Optional Date and Time Stamp Added to Downloaded Report Name

Previously, when you download a report from the Submit Download option in RevPro, the downloaded file name contains an optional 5-character prefix and a mandatory 5-digit submission ID. Now, RevPro enriches the downloaded report name by attaching an optional automatically generated date and time stamp.

For example, if you download a file with original file name 10125.CSV where 10125 is the submission ID, on 10:30 a.m. on April 2, 2018, the downloaded file will have the file name as 10125_20180402_103025.CSV.

The time stamp includes hours, minutes, and seconds. This enhancement is critical for downstream systems to pick latest reports automatically for further processing. 

New Fields in SSP Percentage Based Templates and Reports

From this release, the following fields are available in SSP percentage based templates:

  • Apply Allocation Method
  • Apply Allocation Field

 The following SSP reports will display the corresponding values:

  • SSP Stratifications
  • SSP Optimizer Range
  • SSP Update Report

This enhancement gives you more flexibility to customize your SSP reports.

New Layout in Disclosure - Contract Level Report

Previously, RevPro only provided you with two layouts, By Revenue Contract-PTD and By Revenue Contract-QTD, in Disclosure - Contract Level in the Reports section. Now, a new layout option, By Revenue Contract-YTD, becomes available in this report. This enhancement helps you to track the revenue of the contract from the beginning of the financial year.

New Disclosure - Line Level Report

RevPro now supports the Disclosure Report at line level. Previously, you could only run the Disclosure - Contract Level reports in RevPro. All columns in the Disclosure Report at contract level are all available in the new report. In addition, a new column, Line ID, is included in the Disclosure - Line Level report. 

Apply and Release Holds on Multiple Lines or POBs

Previously, if you wanted to apply holds or release holds by selecting multiple lines or POBs in a revenue contract, you must perform the actions on lines or POBs one by one because no batch operation was provided. Now, RevPro provides a new option at RC level, which enables you to select multiple lines or POBs in a batch, and apply and release holds on them. It facilitates the process of applying and releasing holds to multiple targets.

This enhancement is only applicable to the New UI of RevPro.

Authorization for Password Configuration

RevPro now provides the authorization for Password Configuration that is under the Lookup definition level to a certain role. Previously, RevPro only restricted the access at Lookup definition level. This provides better compliance with the SOX and Audit.

New Transaction Type in RC

From this release, Zuora RevPro enables a new transaction type, Price Change Orders (PORD), for revenue contracts. This is to process the incremental changes related to the price for both UPSELL and DOWNSELL impacting the parent order or subscription. This can be tracked separately by clicking the Price Change Orders tab in a Revenue Contract in the Workbench in order to view the SO lines where the price change happens. The mandatory fields for processing the new Price Change Orders are transaction type, Amount, SO Line ID, Original SO Line Id, Exchange Rate and Exchange Rate Date.

New Report - Revenue Summary Report

RevPro now provides you with a new report, Revenue Summary Report, which allows you to generate a summary of your Transactional Amount, Functional and Reporting Amounts across different books, including books for ASC 605 and ASC 606. Previously, you could only look at your Revenue Contracts on a case-by-case basis for all periods. This report enables you to select a specific period and compare the RC information within this period in one place. The following fields are available in the Revenue Summary Report:

  • Account Type
  • Booke Name
  • Period
  • Amount

New Flag in Schedules Table in Accounting Detail Report

Previously, you could not identify if a schedule is created from Sales Order or from an invoice in the Accounting Detail Report. Now, RevPro provides you with the RC Schedule Unbill flag in the Accounting Detail Report, which allows you to differentiate the revenue that is scheduled from the unbilled revenue and from the billed revenue. 

Exported CSV File Optimization

Previously, when you exported reports from RevPro, the exported CSV files usually would take up a lot of your system memory because it contains a huge number of characters. From this release, Zuora removes the unnecessary characters from the exported CSV files, including blank spaces, semi-colons, etc, which largely reduces the exported CSV file size. This enhancement allows you to download more records at a time.

Contract Modification Report Starts Capturing POB with-in SSP Range

Previously, a new revenue contract would be created when you create a new POB within the SSP range due to the revenue policy. However, the Contract Modification Report would not display the RC created based on the revenue policy. Now, RevPro improves the Contract Modification Report. This report now captures all new POBs that get created as a new revenue contract.

Scheduling Job Groups Enabled

RevPro now enables you to schedule a Job group in background jobs. Previously, you could only schedule a particular job at a time. This enhancement minimizes your effort on scheduling jobs when you have multiple jobs to run.

New Program Introduced

RevPro now provides you with a new program, RC Validation Process Master, which allows you to identify the issues in an RC when the RC is created. If an exception is identified after running this program, RevPro will apply the transfer hold on the RC and stop the problematic RC from transfer posting. Previously, when an RC contains unbalanced schedules or unreleased contract values that exist in a released RC, you might not notice the issue until the transfer posting is finished. This program helps you identify and solve problems at early stage.

The exceptions that are handled in this program are:

  • Unbalanced schedules
  • Unbalanced released contract value
    • Blank Impairment type
    • Allocation schedule mismatch with initial allocation entry
  • Missing GL account in account validation table
  • Allocatable value of the line does not match the sum of recognized and unrecognized amount of the corresponding line.

Data Format in Reports Optimized

From this release, RevPro optimized the data format in the reports downloaded as CSV. Previously, the number values in a report were converted to string values in the exported CSV files. You can now enable the ZIP Compress Download under the Application section, which allows the data of downloaded reports to be in the correct format.

Skip Contract Modification Flag for Invoice Overage

Previously, when the invoice value was higher than the sales order (SO) value, the SO value bumped up, changes allocatable value and triggers reallocation, but it did not trigger the contract modification rule. Now, you can leverage the Skip CT Mod Flag to control whether the contract modification will trigger the overage value.

  • If you set the Skip CT Mod Flag to Y in an invoice line, it will not trigger the contract modification rule. Reallocation can only happen to the allocatable price. In this case, CT mod end date in the RC head not get changed.
  • If you set the Skip CT Mod Flag to N in an invoice line, it will trigger the contract modification rule and changes are based on the value of the Allocation Treatment. In this case, CT mod end date in the RC head is adjusted to the period end date or quarter end date depending on the setting of the overage invoice collecting period.

The assumption of these interpretations is that only the invoice line is collected and no other lines are collected along with the overstated invoice. If another line is collected, the contract modification rule is subject to the revenue treatment.

Skip Contract Modification for Different Transaction Types

Now, RevPro provides you with the CT Mod skip flag, which is applicable to different transaction type, including RORD, CM, and CM-R.

  • If you set the Skip CT Mod Flag to Y for any of RORD, CM, or CM-R, it will not trigger the contract modification rule. Only the reallocation of contract takes place. In this case CT mod end date in the RC head not get changed
  • If you set the Skip CT Mod Flag to N for these transaction type, it will trigger the contract modification rule. In this case, CT mod end date in the RC head is modified to the period end date or quarter end date based on the configuration setup.

Additional Filters Available in Events Processing Program

From this release, RevPro supports additional filters, which allows you to process less number of lines to the selected events of a particular EVENT TYPE NAME. You can now leverage the UPDATE scripts to flag all events if the total events that need to be processed are more than the allowed events in each batch. Previously, three parameters are available for Event Processing Program, including NUMBER OF THREADS, BOOK NAME and EVENT TYPE NAME, with no filter provided. This enhancement is particularly useful when an event batch contains many lines that need to be processed. Now, You can break the batch into multiple batches by passing the value in the filter.

Support for Significant Financing Component

Now, RevPro supports Significant Financing Component (SFC) if you specify the SFC value. The UI updates for SFC include: 

  • Add a new VC Rule Type, SFC Actuals,  as a VC Type in the Policies > Variable Consideration section. 
  • Add a new Upload Type, SFC Actuals, in the File Upload > Variable Consideration section. 

The SFC component can participate in the allocation based on the setup.This enhancement also gives you:

  • The ability to adjust the transaction price by the significant financing amount and the associated revenue entries.
  • The ability to recognize the interest income or expense based on your amortization schedule instead of revenue schedule.

Resolved Issues

Cumulative Event Deferral for Carves on Zero-Dollar Line Not Working

In the past, the allocation entries created for $0 lines in a revenue contract were not deferred after release through event process program. RevPro resolves this issue in Release Now, you can defer the allocation revenue for the zero-dollar lines through the event process program.

Multiple Cost Types Associated with One POB Do Not Work

When more than one cost type was associated with a POB template, the cost was not scheduled properly. In this release, RevPro resolves this issue. You can have more than one cost type associated with a POB and the waterfall for that displays correctly.

Catch-up Revenue Not Released When Ext Sell Price Change from $0 to Another Value

When you update the Extended Sell Price of your sales order from $0 to some other value for a line which has allocation, the revenue release percentage was not updated accordingly as per the updated amount. This issue is fixed in this release.

Interface Flag is 'N' When Cost Reversal for Initial Entry is Created

In the past, when the cost reversal for an entry was created in the upstream and got collected into the RevPro system, the interface flag for the entry was collected as N. This entry was posted back to the upstream, so the value got doubled. Now, RevPro fixes this issue. The initial entry is collected as Y when the cost reversal entry gets collected into the RevPro system.

Bundle Explosion Causes Duplicate Child Lines

Previously, you could run into the bundle split issue because the child lines were duplicated in the workbench after the bundle explosion. This issue is fixed in Release Bundles are split correctly.

Workbench Does Not Display Event Detail for Unbundled Lines

The revenue action in the workbench tab did not display the event details for the unbundled lines if the lines were processed through the event for the parent line. RevPro resolves this issue in Release Now, you can see the event details in the revenue action for both bundled and unbundled lines.

Issue Caused by Manually Reassign Contract Lines to POB with Hold 

If you manually reassigned a POB to a contract line that has a hold applied on it without releasing the hold, it would cause the problem that the hold is neither applied to nor displayed in the holds of the POB, but the UI suggested the hold is applied. Now, when a contract line is processed into RevPro and assigned to a POB that has a hold on it, you cannot manually reassign the line to a new POB until the hold is released.

Cost Not Released Correctly Due to Dates in Event 

You might previously run into the problem that you scheduled a cost, for example, commission cost, with an event start date and end date, but the cost was not released correctly. This issue is resolved in this release. Now, when the date is specified in the event for the cost, the release works correctly.

Cumulative Carve Amount and Cumulative Allocated Not Populated

Prior to this release, the cumulative carve amount and cumulative allocated fields were not populated in the initial version of the revenue contract. From Release, this issue no longer exists. Both fields are populated and the values are used for the reports.

Global Exchange Rate Derived Incorrectly for Netting Entries in Intercompany Scenarios

Prior to this release, if you performed the allocation and created netting entries in the Reporting Currency of an RC containing multi-company code, the global exchange rate was wrongly stamped for the netting schedules. RevPro resolves this issue in Release In this scenario, this global exchange rate is correctly derived.

Netting entry in RC Rollforward Report Not aligning with That in Schedules Tables

In some cases, the netting entry in the Schedules tables was not the same as that in the revenue contract Rollforward Report. From this version, this issue is resolved. The Netting entry in both places aligns with the other.

Non-lead Line Missing in Workbench under Consolidated POB in Revision Period

Prior to this release, when the non-lead line was processed first, and the lead line was processed later and it satisfied the revenue rule for a new revenue contract, two RC IDs got stamped. In one RC ID, POB was stamped without lead line id. In this release, the new POBs within SSP range takes both lead line and non-lead lines into consideration and this issue is resolved.

Lines Not Cancelled when CANCEL_FLAG Equals 'Y' and CV_ELIGIBLE_FLAG Equals 'N'

When a line cancellation took place with CANCEL_FLAG as Y and CV_ELIGIBLE_FLAG as N, Ext Sell price was updated as Zero. However, the subsequent values in allocatable and transaction price were not updated. In this release, RevPro resolves this issue. The line is cancelled completely with changes in Ext Sell price, Transaction price, and Allocatable price.

Unbalanced Entries Created in Reclass Offset Entries in Bundle

In the past, when the deferred account of a bundle and its child were different, the Revenue offset reclass entries would create unbalanced entries. RevPro fixes this issue in Release and the unbalanced entries no longer occur in bundle scenarios.

Unable to Download Contract Modification Report When Adding Column Transactions Price to Report Layout

You were unable to download the Contract Modification Report if you add the column Transaction Price to the report layout. The data in this column was incorrect. Now, the data in the column Transaction Price is correct after you add them to the Contract Modification layout and you can download the report successfully.

New SO Lines Got Collected in Closed Revenue Contract

For a closed revenue contract, a new line was added if it has the same group by value. This issue is fixed in this release. Now, when a new line comes with the same group by value of the closed revenue contract, the system will create a new revenue contract.

Multiple Lines that Include Bundle Lines Struck Out from Line Staging Table    

Previously, in some cases, if you upload the lines which include bundle lines, the uploaded lines got struck out from the Line Staging Table with an error message of "Parent Reference Not Found". As a fix, RevPro creates an RC for the uploaded lines when you upload lines including bundle lines.

Schedule ID Unavailable in Accounting Reports

The schedule ID field was not available in Accounting Reports. In this release, RevPro resolves this issue and makes this field available. You can now enable the schedule ID in the Accounting Report layout.

Particular Lines Missing in Forecast Waterfall Report

The Forecast Waterfall report returned no records for particular lines even though the lines have the deferred amount. When you ran the Generate Forecast program manually at RC level, you could see the Divisor by zero error in the Revenue process package in the log. Now, RevPro fixes this issue and the Forecast Waterfall report displays the correct entries.

Unable to Release Cost Upon Booking and Release Revenue Manually

RevPro now enables you to release cost upon booking when cost release is independent of the revenue release. You uncheck the Follow revenue checkbox and Follow Revenue timing checkbox to select upon booking events for the cost. Previously, RevPro did not provide the Upon Booking option for column Release Event in the Cost Treatment tab.

Processed Events Not Moved to Event Staging Table

Previously, when you processed the cumulative event types, the decimal amount was not processed for the first event, and every subsequent event release ended with an error message “No more remaining revenue to be released for this matching RC Line". As a result, the processed events were not moved to the Event Staging table. In this release, RevPro resolves this issue. All processed events are moved to the History table after releasing.

Incorrectly Allowed You to Change POB Assignment Based on Which a POB ID Was Created

RevPro creates unique POB IDs based on POB assignments. Previously, RevPro incorrectly allowed you to edit the POB assignment based on which a POB ID was already created. This issue is resolved in this release. You cannot edit the POB assignments after a POB ID is created out of it.

Incorrect Within FV Range Formula

Prior to this release, the formula to calculate the lines within FV range did not take the up-variable consideration or down-variable consideration into account. This formula used to be taken as an absolute value of variable consideration. This issue is resolved now and the Within FV range is corrected.

Cost Amount Not Updated for $0 Cost Line When Updating SO

If you create an initial entry for the Cost line with $0, the cost amount was not updated when you update the Extended Selling Price in SO. Now, if you update the Extended Selling Price in the SO, the initial entry for $0 line gets updated accordingly.

Reclassification Does Not Work for Def Offset Segments

Schedules - Reclassification could not work if you specified the Def Offset segments or Rev segments in a bundle template different from the parent and the child. In this release, this issue is resolved. Schedules - Reclassification works for the Def Offset segments that are uploaded in the Transaction.

Contract Asset in Accounting Detail Report Does Not Match That in Disclosure Report

Previously, if you performed the link or delink operations in a SO and run the transaction level Netting process program, the contract asset in the Accounting Detail Report was not the same as that in the Disclosure Report. Now, the contract assets in both reports are correctly displayed in the same scenario. Hence, this issue no longer exists.

Released Revenue is Greater than Invoice Amount at Line Level

You could occasionally run into the issue that the value in column Released Revenue is greater than that of the column Sell Price in the Line Details table. This issue usually happened when the contract value is less than 1 in any currency. Now, this issue is resolved and the Released Revenue amount is the same as the Invoice Amount in this case.

SO Upload Run into Warning and RC ID Gets Created in Line Staging with Error

Previously, when you upload a SO, you might run into the problem that a collection warning occurred, RC ID got created in Line Staging, and the column Processed Flag for an RC entry indicates Error. This is an issue with the index size of memory variables. In this release, RevPro resolves this issue and the SO Upload runs correctly.

SO Line Sell Price Update to 0 Not Triggering VC Update

In the past, you could run into the issue that the Variable Consideration (VC) is not updated if you create a VC based on the allocatable extended price of an original SO line, and then update the SO line sell price to 0. Now, this issue is resolved. VC is updated for the line and schedules are reversed for revenue and VC.

CM-C Transactions Not Linked to New RC

When a sales order, invoice, and invoice cancellation came in the same batch and the revenue rule met the requirements for a new revenue contract, the sales order and the invoice went into the new revenue contract. However, the invoice cancellation was still in the old revenue contract. RevPro fixes this issue and now all transaction types go to the new revenue contract.

Within Fv Range Flag Defaults to 'N' When Lines Within SSP Range Creating New RC

If you had an RC and some of the lines are within SSP range, these lines should create a separate RC as per the revenue policy. However, the default value of the Within Fv range flag is N, which makes it difficult for you to understand why these lines create a new RC or track the lines for auditing purpose. RevPro resolves this issue now. The Within Fv range flag gets updated as Y if new RC is created out of this RC.

Revenue Contracts with -ve Lines Not in LT/ST Schedules

In the past, when you did the reconciliation Revenue Waterfall Report to the LTST schedules for an RC, you might find that some revenue contracts that are present in the Revenue Waterfall Report are not in the LT/ST schedules. In this release, RevPro fixes this issue and provides you with a new profile. You need to set the value of the NETTING_ON_NEGATIVE_RC field in a profile to Y and run netting for the RC in order to create LT entries in the LT/ST schedules.

Unable to Track Line-Specific Contract Modifications on RC

Previously, you could not see the sales order line ID where the change happens in an RC. Now, Zuora fixes this issue and adds the SO Line ID to the Version Detail page of an RC, which enables you to validate the line-specific contract modifications that occurred on it.  

Netting Entries Not Created for RCs that only Contain Negative Lines

Previously, RevPro would not create netting entries for a revenue contract if the amount of all lines in the RC is negative. Now, RevPro resolves this issue by introducing a new profile, NETTING_ON_NEGATIVE_RC, which enables you to do netting for the RC that only contains negative lines.

Unable to Expire Line Level Release Hold

Previously, when you defined a line level hold with an event for release and it has an expiry date, the expiry program could not release it after the expiry date. RevPro fixes this issue in this release. The SO Update would update the hold table and you can release the hold after the expiry date.

Incorrect SSP Calculation

In some scenarios, the Amount Based SSP calculation would incorrectly take the exchange rate into consideration and convert the currency type. RevPro resolves this issue in Release Now, the SSP calculation is based on the transaction currency and the exchange rate no longer applies to the calculation.

Incorrect Terms Derived for Child Lines After Bundle Explosion

After the bundle explosion, you could get the correct term for parent lines. However, the term you derived in child lines was incorrect. In this release, this issue is resolved and you can derive the correct terms for both parent and child lines in a bundle.

Incorrect Forecast Waterfall

In the Forecast Waterfall Report, the catch-up revenue was created for the previous period instead of the current open period. RevPro resolves this issue in this release and the catch-up revenue are created for the current open period.

No Description and Type Name in Audit Trail Report

The Audit Trail Report for some functions showed numeric values without any description, which was difficult for you to understand. Besides, the column Type Name was not populated. In Release, RevPro resolves these issues by adding the description for the column Old value and New value and populating data in the column Type Name in the Audit Trail Report.

Failed to Export Waterfall Report Due to "Order By" Clause

If you specified the Order By clause in the layout of the Waterfall Report, you would fail to export the data because of the Order By clause. Now, RevPro resolves this issue. This clause no longer stops you from exporting data.

Manual Holds Not Applied at RC Level

Prior to this release, when you were applying a Hold manually at RC Level, the UI indicated that the Hold was successfully applied. However, you could not view the Hold at RC level in the RC Holds tab of a revenue contract. This issue is resolved in Release You can view the Holds by navigating to POB > RC Holds.

Prospective Allocation Issue with Adjustments

In multi-currency scenarios, you might find that some adjustments were reversed, which caused allocation mismatch. In this release, RevPro resolves this issue. The prospective allocation is triggered in this case and allocations no longer get reversed in schedules.

POB Expiry Incorrectly Applied During Collection

Prior to this release, when you created two POBs in an RC, one of which was a manual POB without expiry date and the other was Upon Booking with an expiry date, the expiry date would be applied to both POBs during collection. RevPro fixes this issue in this release and the expiry date is correctly applied.

Rounding Decimals in Ext Sell Price (F)

The column Ext Sell Price (F) was not displaying correctly in the reports. Decimals in this field were rounded. RevPro resolves this issue in this release, so this issue no longer exists.

Prospective Allocation Incorrectly Triggered for RC

You could run into the issue that an RC ID had the prospective allocation triggered but no changes were made to trigger the contract modification apart from SO lines were invoiced. This issue is resolved in Release 

Adjustment Schedules Not Reversed When Full Cancellation is Received

Previously, RevPro triggered the Prospective allocation and all the partially cancelled lines were marked as Y in within range, and fully cancelled lines were marked as N. Allocations did not happen on this RC and the adjustment schedules were also not reversed for the fully cancelled partial cancelled lines, which resulted in wrong accounting result. This issue is resolved in Release

CM Amount Higher than Invoice Amount Causes Batch Status Updated to NO_DATA_FOUND

When the credit memo amount was higher than the invoice amount in a batch, the CM record was stamped with an error message "CM Amount is more than Invoice Amount" in the Stage, but the batch status was updated to NO_DATA_FOUND. This issue is fixed in this release. Now the batch status is updated to Data Collected in this scenario.

Cost Schedules Created Based on Old Dates after SO Term Change

When you changed the SO term, the revenue schedules were reversed and recreated based on the new date, but the cost schedules for additional cost types were based on the old dates. Now, Revpro resolves this issue. After the SO term change, both the revenue schedules and cost schedules were created based on the new dates.

Functions Not Displayed in Role Assignments

RevPro did not enable you to view the available functions for a particular role. In this release, RevPro supports displaying available functions in the Role Privilege tab, so this issue no longer exists.