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Known limitations of Billing - Revenue Integration


Known limitations of Billing - Revenue Integration

As Zuora Billing and Zuora Revenue have different policies and requirements, some limitations are applicable to Billing - Revenue Integration. It is recommended to be aware of the listed limitations below and it is also recommended to be familiar with the best practices as documented in Best practices for using Billing - Revenue Integration.

Change Plan order action

Zuora Revenue does not support the Change Plan order action in Zuora Billing. When Billing - Revenue Integration is enabled, order action will no longer be applicable in Zuora Billing.

Collecting subscriptions of the same version

After a subscription is collected by Zuora Revenue, the next time when the subscription of the same version comes, the following mapped Zuora Revenue Staging fields must remain the same. Otherwise, the subscription will be stopped in Staging and cannot be collected by Zuora Revenue.

  • SO Book Date
  • Ext Sell Price
  • Ext List Price
  • Subscription Start Date
  • Subscription End Date
  • Ordered Qty
  • CT Mod Date
  • Amendment Reason
  • Duration

Evergreen subscriptions

Billing - Revenue Integration cannot automatically support the conversion from termed subscriptions to evergreen subscriptions or vice versa. You have to manually create new revenue contracts for the converted evergreen subscriptions.

Handling amendments

  • Amendment of removing products that happens in an already billed period cannot be supported for discount charges. It might cause a mismatch between billing and booking values.
  • The amendment for quantity upsell in Zuora Billing cannot be treated as a new revenue contract or a new POB in Zuora Revenue.

Invoice date earlier than booking date

Billing - Revenue Integration supports that the invoice date is earlier than the booking date only after the booking data becomes eligible to be collected in Zuora Revenue. It is because the Data Collection program in Zuora Revenue always collects the booking data before the billing data. For example, the booking date for a subscription is 04/02/2020, and its invoice date is set to 04/01/2020, the transaction lines can be picked up correctly in Zuora Revenue on 04/02/2020 or later. 

Charges with no dates

Billing - Revenue Integration does not support the charges with no dates that come from the subscriptions in Pending Activation status.

Usage charges

  • Billing - Revenue Integration does not support the booking-based revenue recognition for usage charges.
  • The overage smoothing charge model used in usage charges cannot be supported by Billing - Revenue Integration.

Discount charges

  • Billing - Revenue Integration does not support account-level discounts in Zuora Billing.
  • Billing - Revenue Integration only supports the billing-based revenue recognition for fixed-amount discounts due to known limitations in Zuora Billing. Booking transactions must be excluded from revenue accounting. You can exclude the booking transactions by setting the exclusion flag fields in Zuora Billing.
  • Proration of fixed amount discount charges is not supported. It is because Zuora Revenue uses the RatePlanChargeTier price to calculate the fixed amount discount booking value, which does not consider the actual proration and other billing setting logic. Therefore, the booking amount might be different from the actual billing amount.
  • The Revenue Start Date and Revenue End Date of discount charges always follow the recurring charges instead of the dates specified on the discount charges.
  • When multiple discount charges overlap with the same regular charge, it will cause the variance for reconciliation between booking and billing.

Standalone Billing transactions in Zuora Revenue

The following Billing transactions must be treated as standalone transactions in Zuora Billing. If they need to be referenced to a booking transaction, this need has to be handled on a case-by-case basis to avoid data collection errors. To support special use cases, a reference will be populated by default but it is the end user or implementer's responsibility to remove the reference afterward.

  • Invoice Item Adjustment
  • Manually created credit memos with the Invoice Settlement feature enabled
  • Manually created debit memos with the Invoice Settlement feature enabled

Negative one-time charges

When the Enable credit back for removing or canceling one time charges billing rule setting is set to Yes in Zuora Billing, canceling negative one-time charges will cause the booking and billing variances. Positive one-time charges can work well.


Billing - Revenue Integration does not support prepayment charges in Zuora Billing. The Prepayment feature is deprecated in Zuora Billing and available only for backward compatibility.

Custom field update

For the custom field defined in Zuora Billing that has revenue impact, after the object data has synced to Zuora Revenue, any update to the custom fields in Zuora Billing cannot be automatically interfaced to Zuora Revenue.

Credit Balance Adjustment object

Billing - Revenue Integration does not support the Credit Balance Adjustment object in Zuora Billing.

Invoice Past End-of-Term billing rule

The Invoice Past End-of-Term billing rule in Zuora Billing cannot be supported by Billing - Revenue Integration. Do not enable this billing rule because it might cause incompatibility with ASC 606 revenue recognition. 

Variable consideration

The variable consideration (VC) processing is supported with a known limitation. When you define the VC formula, do not use the allocatable amount to calculate the VC amount; otherwise, the VC amount might be inaccurate.

Mass actions

You can take mass actions on revenue contracts only. See Unavailable mass actions for a list of unsupported mass actions by Billing - Revenue Integration.

Event processing

Currently, only the By Percent event processing type is fully supported by Billing - Revenue Integration. The By Amount event processing type is supported only for non-recurring charges (one-time and usage charges). For more information about creating event types, see Event setup.

Material rights

Billing - Revenue Integration does not support material right processing, which is an advanced functionality in Zuora Revenue.