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Zuora Administrator Certification FAQ


Zuora University offers the only industry-recognized certification for Zuora Administrator compliance and expertise. Whether you're new to Zuora or a current, experienced Zuora user, you may not know where to get started in getting Zuora Administrator certified. You can reference this FAQ as you consider getting certified.


Q: What are the requirements for Zuora Administrator certification?

A: In order to get certified, you must complete a Zuora Administrator certification exam with successful completion. The Zuora Administrator certification exam is included in your Zuora University subscription. You must have a Zuora University subscription in order to access the Zuora Administrator certification exam. 


Q: Can I get certified without having to subscribe to Zuora University?

A: No. You must have a Zuora University subscription in order to access the Zuora Administrator certification exam. To request a subscription, email us at training@zuora.com.


Q: What are the required courses for Zuora Administrator certification?

A: There are no required courses for Zuora Administrator certification. The Zuora Administrator Certification learning path in Zuora University includes courses we suggest you familiarize yourself with before attempting the exam (which is also included in the Zuora Administrator Certification learning path). You are able to take the Zuora Administrator certification exam without having taken any courses in your Zuora University library.


Q: What is the structure of the Zuora Administrator certification exam?

A: The exam contains 98 questions. You will have 150 minutes to complete the exam. Succeeding on the exam requires hands-on experience with Zuora Platform, Billing, Payments and Finance settings. The percentage of questions in each area is approximately as follows:

  • Platform: 8%
  • Billing: 50%
  • Payments: 20%
  • Finance: 22%

You must score at least 75% across all sections to pass the exam.

Q: How do current Zuora University users find the Zuora Administrator certification in their library? 

A: Please follow this process: 

1. Click on the "Zuora Administrator Certification" Learning Path on your dashboard or in your Course Library.

2. Click on "Zuora Certified Administrator Exam" at the bottom of the Learning Path course list.

3. Click on "Introduction" to display terms you must agree to before taking the exam.



Q: What happens if I don't pass the exam?

A: If you don't pass the exam, you are able to retake it after a mandatory waiting period of 15 days. You may not take the exam more than three times in a three month period.


Q: What happens when I pass the exam?

A: Upon passing the exam, you will receive an email containing a PDF certificate as well as a digital badge you can use on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. 


Q: How long is my certification valid? 

A: Your Zuora Administrator certification will be valid for two years, after which you will need to retake the exam and maintain the credential. 


Q: In what languages are Zuora certification exams written?

A: Currently, our certification exams are only available in English.



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