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Zuora University FAQs

Zuora University is an add-on product to Zuora, designed to help users scale their Zuora-facing teams, stay current on new product features, and to develop Zuora expertise.


Subscribe to Zuora University


How do I subscribe to Zuora University? 

Fill out a "Get Started" form at the bottom of the Zuora University site and wait to hear about next steps from a Zuora University team member.


How will my team gain access to Zuora University once I've purchased a subscription?

Once you purchase a subscription, we'll send you a code, which is unique to your company, and supports the number of activations specified in your subscription. Each person enters the code to gain access to his/her account. 


Can I purchase individual courses instead of a subscription?

No, courses are accessible exclusively through a subscription and cannot be purchased individually. See all of our course offerings listed on the Zuora University Course Catalog


How long is the Zuora University subscription period? 

A subscription to Zuora University usually aligns to your contract term dates, and is sold on an annual basis. For more questions involving prorations, please contact us at training@zuora.com


Plan your Training Program


How many courses are currently in Zuora University?

We currently have 58 self-paced courses, including 10 virtual instructor-led sessions. The Zuora University library is expanding at a rate of three self-paced courses per month, to keep up with new product features and releases.


How many hours of training does the entire Zuora University library represent?

The self-paced library represents about 66 hours of online learning, while virtual instructor-led sessions range from one to two hours long, and are all sensitive to different time zones.


How often do Zuora University courses get updated?

Zuora University courses get updated several times a year to reflect UI changes and new product features.

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