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Zuora University FAQs

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As Zuora University transitions to a subscription model, you may have questions regarding course offerings, subscription terms and payment. 


How is this new training subscription model different from the current Zuora University?

From November 2015 to August 2016, Zuora University offered access to all training free-of-charge as we built out a new catalog of courses. This allowed the Zuora University team to hear your feedback, assess the impact of training, and add courses that covered the breadth of the Zuora platform. We are now switching to a subscription model for access to Zuora  University training. So instead of offering one-off course sign-up, Zuora University will now offer subscriptions to specialized training on Zuora, representing over 50 hours of self-paced and virtual instructor-led e-learning.


What are my options for purchasing Zuora University training?

You can purchase one of two subscriptions: Full Subscription or Role-Based Training Subscription. A Full Subscription entitles you to the entire Zuora University library. Check out our menu of Role-Based Training options


When will the new training subscriptions be made available?

Zuora University training subscriptions are already available! You can purchase either the Full Access Subscription or Role-Based Access packages by emailing us at


If I choose not to purchase either training package, will I lose access to my courses?

After September 15, 2016, you will lose access to your courses, and will need to purchase a subscription in order to continue taking them. Please contact us at if you’d like to request additional courses, free of charge, during the grace period.


Will you keep a history of all the courses I've taken?

Yes, all courses you've been assigned or have completed will remain in your course library. We've actually made it even easier for you to keep track of your outstanding courses!


Will I have to start any courses over if and when I purchase my new subscription?

No, purchasing a subscription does not change the status of your completed courses.


If my organization has purchased Zuora University training, how will new team members access training?

Once you purchase a subscription, we'll send you a unique team code. This code is unique to your company, and supports a certain number of activations, depending on your subscription. Enter your team code at this link in order to provision accounts for your team members.


After September 15th 2016, will I still be able to register for courses on a one-off basis (i.e. Can I still request codes for individual courses)?

No, we are retiring our system of individual course signup. Our catalog, however, will remain active so that you can always browse our course offerings. See all of our course offerings listed on the Zuora University Course Catalog


How long is the Zuora University subscription period? 

A subscription to Zuora University usually aligns to your contract term dates, and is sold on an annual basis. For more questions involving prorations, please contact us at

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