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Edit a custom meter


Edit a custom meter

You can edit a meter. You can still view the component details of a meter by clicking the meter. Meter opens in the Meter Stream window.

Editing a meter involves two types of actions:

  • Design the flow of components, including adding, deleting, or duplicating components, and connecting loose components.
  • Configure component parameters.

You can perform these actions to a custom meter:

  • Select to start adding a component.
  • Hover over a component, click the More icon and then click Edit to configure the parameters for the component.
  • A new window will open for you to configure the settings for the component. The available settings are different from one type of component to another.
  • Hover over a component, click the More icon and then click Delete to delete the component. When a component is deleted, the connecting arrows before and after the component are also deleted, thus creating loose components. 
  • Connect loose components by dragging the finishing point of a component and dropping to the starting point of another component.
  • You can change the type of the source and target components only.