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Data Query Templates


Data Query Templates

The Templates tab in the Data Query UI makes it easier for you to reuse predefined SQL queries and improves efficiency in data analysis tasks.

Data Query Templates.png

Feature Highlights:

  • Templates Tab: Access a new tab, Templates in Data Query UI.
  • Categories and Accordions: View predefined data query templates organized into collapsible categories such as booking, billing, cash, revenue, finance, and audit logs.
  • Template Details: Each template displays a clear name and a detailed description of its purpose.
  • View and Customize: Click on View Template to open the predefined query in the Data Query UI editor. You can customize the query to suit your needs without altering the original template.

How Templates in data query work:

  1. Navigate to the Templates tab in the Data Query UI.
  2. Expand categories to view available templates.
  3. Click View Template to open the query in the editor.
  4. Customize and run the query as needed.