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Zuora Release 2023.08.R2


Zuora Release 2023.08.R2

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Release 2023.08.R2. This article is a consolidated page of release notes for the following Zuora products:

For the latest release notes of Zuora Revenue, see Zuora Revenue release notes.

Release schedule

To receive notifications about releases, join Release Notifications in Zuora Community. For the planned release schedule, see Zuora Release Management.

Zuora Billing

here_black.png Orders and Subscriptions

Delivery Adjustment available in Data Query

You can now query data through the Delivery Adjustment object. For more information, see Data Query through the Delivery Adjustment object.

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Zuora Payments

Zuora Payments has only internal enhancements and resolved issues in this release.​​​​

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Zuora Central Platform

here_black.png Reporting and Exports

Custom objects available in Reporting

Custom objects in your Zuora tenant are now available and presented as data sources in Reporting. You can create, preview, or run reports based on custom objects. The procedures are the same as managing reports based on standard objects, such as Account, Subscription, or Payment. When creating reports based on a custom object, you can tailor your report by selecting fields from the following supported objects:

  • The base custom object
  • Standard objects that are related to the base custom object
  • Custom objects that are related to the base custom object

For more information, see Custom object definitions and Create a summary report.

New standard reports for Finance and Audit Trail available in Reporting

You can now run the following standard reports in Reporting:

  • Finance:
    • AR Account Aging Detail
    • AR Account Aging Summary
    • AR Credit Memo Aging Detail
    • AR Debit Memo Aging Detail
    • AR Invoice Aging Detail
    • AR Transactions
    • AR Unapplied Payment Aging Detail
  • Audit Trail:
    • Business Object Changes - Last 30 days
    • Settings Changes - Last 30 days

The reports for Audit Trail are available only if you have the Audit Trail feature enabled.

If you want to use the Finance reports, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

For more information, see Standard reports.

here_black.png Tenant Management

Data Loader now generally available

Data Loader is now available in its General availability (GA) phase. For more information, see Data Loader.

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For the detailed API documentation, see API Reference.

For a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Zuora API Reference, see 2023 API Changelog

Quickstart API 

From 2022.09.R1, the Quickstart API is available to you if you have the Orders (or Order Harmonization) and Invoice Settlement features enabled in your tenant. The QuickstartAPI allows new integrators to swiftly integrate with Zuora, and it supports essential business use cases.

For the detailed Quickstart API documentation, see Quickstart API Reference.

For a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Quickstart API Reference, see Quickstart API Changelog


Current WSDL version: 135

For information about how to check your version and download the latest version. see Zuora WSDL.

SOAP API change history

For a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases, see Zuora SOAP API Version History.