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Synchronize deals with Zuora subscriptions via orders


Synchronize deals with Zuora subscriptions via orders

The HubSpot connector syncs deals from HubSpot to a Zuora Subscription using Order execution. 

Key details about deal synchronization

The following details outline the synchronization process facilitated by the HubSpot connector:

  • During deal synchronization in HubSpot, all deal line items, associated contacts, and Closed Won dates are synchronized and sent to Zuora.
  • When it comes to deals, it's important to consider whether contacts are included or not.
  • If the relevant company hasn't been synchronized during the deal synchronization process, the connector will prioritize syncing the company information first.
  • If the Term is 0 in a deal, Zuora automatically creates an evergreen subscription.
  • Every HubSpot deal is connected to a corresponding subscription in Zuora through an Order process. Each deal item from HubSpot is carefully linked to a charge in Zuora. The information in the deal line items takes precedence over specific charges in Zuora during subscription creation.
  • Zuora identifies products based on their SKU. If an SKU already exists in Zuora, the system skips creating a new product entry.
  • The fields for ‘Bill To’ and ‘Sold To’ on the subscription in Zuora will be defaulted to the “Default Contact”.
  •  By default, the company associated with the deal is linked to the Invoice Owner and Subscription Owner fields.
  • The Order date and contract effective date in Zuora will be synchronized with the Closed Won date in HubSpot.
  • The 'Net Price' in the HubSpot deal line item represents the per unit cost of the Zuora subscription. If the Net Price in HubSpot already includes discounts, the connector will not create a new discount charge in Zuora.


  • The deal status must be Closed Won to enable data synchronization with Zuora.
  • Deals must be associated with a company.
  • The contacts associated with the deal must be from the same company.
  • For synchronization, the terms specified in the deal items must align.
  • If a product in the catalog matches a one-time charge in Zuora, it must be in the line item.
  • The deal line item can be modified to any recurring billing frequency (such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) for products categorized as recurring charges in Zuora, excluding the “one-time” frequency.

Synchronize a Deal

There are two methods to synchronize a deal:

  • Sync the deal from the company: To sync all deals associated with a specific company, use the Sync Company and Deal button on the company interface.
  • Sync individual deals: Go to the desired deal and click the Sync Deal button on the CRM card to sync individual deals.

Functional Capabilities

Synchronize Bill To and Sold To on subscription in Zuora

The HubSpot connector lets you specify the Bill To and Sold To contacts for every deal in Zuora using associations in HubSpot.

To create the associations in HubSpot,

  1. Go to Settings > Data Management > Contacts > Associations.
  2. Create a new association of type Contacts to Deals with the following configuration:
    • Label Bill To with the internal name: bill_to_contact_deal.
    • Label Sold To with the internal name: sold_to_contact_deal.

To mark the contacts on the company,

  1. Go to Deal and choose the contact that has to be used as Bill To
  2. Mark the contact as Bill To using the association created above.

Use similar steps for marking the Sold To contact.

The contact must be associated with the same company as the deal.

Synchronize the subscription owner and invoice owner

The connector allows for specifying the Invoice Owner and Subscription Owner on the Subscription in Zuora for each deal. The primary company on the deal will be the subscription owner. You can use associations to identify the invoice owner.

To create the associations in HubSpot,

  1. Go to Settings > Data Management > Deals > Associations.
  2. Create a new association of type Deals to Companies with the label Invoice Owner and internal name as invoice_owner.

To mark the contacts on the company,

  1. Go to Deal and choose the company that has to be used as the Invoice Owner.
  2. Mark the contact as Invoice Owner using the association created above.

Synchronize service activation and customer acceptance dates

The contract effective date is automatically set as the Closed Won Date on HubSpot. Properties on deals are used to specify service activation and customer acceptance dates. 

To create properties in HubSpot,

  1. Label Service Activation Date with the internal name z_service_activation_date.
  2. Label Customer Activation Date with the internal name z_customer_acceptance_date.
  • The default setting in Zuora does not permit changing the trigger dates once the subscription is active. 
  • The subscription status in Zuora can change based on the Subscription and Order settings in Zuora.

Synchronize billing trigger condition

HubSpot allows each product to define its own Billing Trigger Condition using a property. If no specific condition is mentioned, the default billing trigger will be “Upon Contract Effective”.

To create the property,

  1. Go to Settings > Data Management > Properties > Product Properties > Create new property.
  2. Label the Billing Start Trigger and internal name as billing_start_trigger of the dropdown type property.
  3. Configure the picklist to include the following options as the label and internal value:
    • ContractEffective
    • ServiceActivation
    • CustomerAcceptance
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the configuration in Zuora, add the following:


        "sourceObject": "LineItem",

        "targetObject": "ChargeOverride",




                "source": "billing_start_trigger",

                "target": "startDate/triggerEvent"




To activate the billing trigger, set the condition on the deal line item during the initial synchronization. Each product within a deal can have its unique trigger condition."