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Get started with Zuora connector for Databricks


Get started with Zuora connector for Databricks

Summarizes the prerequisites to get started with Zuora Connector for Databricks.


To begin the setup process for the Zuora Connector for Databricks, ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Zuora Tenant ID: This is your unique identifier within Zuora. For guidance on finding your Tenant ID, refer to our section on Managing Your Tenant Profile.
  • Databricks Workspace: Your Databricks workspace should be pre-configured and ready for the connection. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to create clusters and notebooks within your Databricks environment.
  • Databricks Service Account Credentials: You will need the JSON key file for a Databricks service account with appropriate permissions to access your Databricks workspace. Ensure the service account has roles that permit it to manage clusters, notebooks, and access data within Databricks.

Once you have these prerequisites in place, you can proceed with the configuration steps to establish the link between your Zuora account and your Databricks workspace.

This enables streamlined data synchronization and enhances your analytics capabilities within Databricks.

For the setup process of Databricks, see Setup Zuora Connector for Databricks