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Zuora Central Sandbox


Zuora Central Sandbox

Zuora Central Sandbox combines the capability to copy production data along with production-like performance into a single test environment tenant.  While Zuora Central Sandbox always comes with a snapshot of scrubbed production data, it can also be utilized for a brand new implementation in case the production tenant has no data at that time.  The use cases for Zuora Central Sandbox include everything that an API Sandbox does, and more:

  • Basic implementation configuration and integration

  • Training

  • Integration testing

  • Regression testing

  • Performance testing (with guidelines)

  • Pre-production testing

  • User acceptance testing 

Zuora Central Sandbox is hosted on a production-like AWS infrastructure, allowing our customers to test the API response time, the bill runs and payment runs with production-level data loading. It provides a more realistic view of performance than API Sandbox.

While the Zuora Central Sandbox is designed for production-level performance, Zuora recommends you to contact Zuora Global Support if you plan to test over a certain amount of volume in a 24 hour period in the Zuora Central Sandbox. See Performance guidelines for the details.

In addition, the testing results can still vary from Production since both the Zuora Central Sandbox and Production are distinct multi-tenant environments, the performance of which are based on the overall usage across all your customers.

This environment is located at:

Zuora Central Sandbox has the following limitations:

  • Beta or Early Adopter features might not be supported. Contact Zuora Global Support or your account manager for more information.
  • While Zuora Central Sandbox supports the capability to create and save reports in the Reporting tool, the saved reports in the production environment are currently not copied to Zuora Central Sandbox.

For more information, see Support for Zuora Features, Add-ons, Integrations.