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Performance Metrics of Journal Run


Performance Metrics of Journal Run

This article contains details of the performance metrics of a journal run. For more information, see Journal Run.

Performance metrics calculation

Performance metrics is calculated using the following method:

A Zuora Journal Run Duration(in minutes)  ≈ Max of (Number of transactions being processed / Average Transaction Processing Throughput)

Average Transaction Processing Throughput = 40,000 / min

Note that each transaction type is processed in parallel, so the total execution time of journal run depends on the transaction type with the maximum transactions. 

For example,

  • A Journal Run processes 1,000,000 Invoice Items (The maximum number of transactions in the journal run are of type ‘Invoice Item’)
  • Average Invoice Item Processing Throughput = 40,000 / min


Journal Run Duration ≈ 1,000,000 / 40,000 = 25 mins


  • The journal run benchmarks in this article are reference speeds when Performance Booster is enabled.
  • The average throughput is based on the assumption that the customer uses 3~4 segments on common objects (such as Account, Product, Product Rate Plan) and has currency conversion enabled. For customers using more complex segmentation, Journal run may take longer than stated in the example above. 
  • The performance metrics are based on basic AWS hardware configuration. Better hardware can further improve performance.