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Managed data entitlement for Snowflake Secure Data Sharing


Managed data entitlement for Snowflake Secure Data Sharing

This feature is in the Early Adopter phase. If you want to join the early adopter program, contact your Zuora account representative.

Your Managed Data Entitlement for Snowflake Secure Share is designed to scale with your business needs. Your Zuora CSM is able to assist with any adjustments necessary.

Your base Managed Data Entitlement depends on your Zuora Edition and Subscriber Tier (if applicable). Your base Managed Data Entitlement does not include any additional add-on that you may have purchased.

Managed data covers costs associated with the cumulative volume of Zuora data in the shared database, including costs associated with:

  • Data transfer
  • Streaming data pipeline management
  • Snowflake ingestion compute
  • Data transformation compute
  • Data storage


Zuora Edition Managed Data Entitlement
Billing Growth 2.7 TB
Billing Enterprise, Revenue Low Volume 5.3 TB
Billing Nine, Revenue High Volume 12.0 TB
Bronze, Silver, or Gold Platform

If you have licensed Bronze, Silver, or Gold Platform, your Managed Data Entitlement depends on your Subscriber Tier.

Subscriber Tier Managed Data Entitlement
<5K Subscribers or <250K Transactions 1.8 TB
<20K Subscribers or <1M Transactions 2.7 TB
<100K Subscribers or <3M Transactions 3.6 TB
<500K Subscribers or <6M Transactions 5.3 TB
<2M Subscribers or <15M Transactions 12.0 TB
<10M Subscribers or <60M Transactions 17.8 TB
>10M Subscribers or >60M Transactions Contact your Zuora account representative