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Fulfillment Item object fields and Data Query


Fulfillment Item object fields and Data Query

You can query the Fulfillment Item object through Data Query. You can also perform join queries from the Fulfillment Item object, Fulfillment object, Order Line Item object, and other objects. For information about the basic usage of Data Query, see Constructing SQL Queries in Data Query.

Fulfillment Item fields

The following table lists all the fields that are defined on the Fulfillment Item object. You can access the Fulfillment Item object and all its fields through Data Query and the Orders API.

Field name Format Description
description String The description of the fulfillment item for reference purposes.
fulfillmentId String The ID of a fulfillment that the fulfillment item is associated with.
id String The ID of the fulfillment item. The ID is generated by Zuora. 
itemIdentifier String The ID of the fulfillment item. The ID is provided by customers.

Common use case

The following query example demonstrates how to use Data Query to access the Fulfillment Item fields.

Join the Fulfillment Item to a Fulfillment. 

select f.FulfillmentNumber, f.Quantity as FulfillmentQuantity, f.State as FulfillmentState,
fi.ItemIdentifier, fi.Description as FulfillmentItemDescription
from fulfillment f
left join fulfillmentitem fi on fi.fulfillmentId = f.Id

The query result is as follows:

FulfillmentNumber, FulfillmentQuantity, FulfillmentState, ItemIdentifier, FulfillmentItemDescription
"F-00001", 100.0, "SentToBilling", "12343456576876998", "Computor A"