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Manage Billing Document Configuration

You can easily create and manage your invoice templates. Invoice templates are used to generate PDF invoices for your bills. You can also customize the format of invoice numbers.

Navigation: click your username at the top right and navigate to​​​​​​ Billing > Manage Billing Document Configuration.

Manage Invoice Rules and Templates

From the Manage Invoice Rules and Templates tab, you can view your list of existing invoice templates and create new templates.

You can use template Actions to set a template as your default, edit, preview, or remove a template. You can also show the ID of a template. Template IDs are used with the Zuora API. See Creating a Custom Invoice Template for more information.

Invoice templates are set at the customer level, not at the product level.

Customize Invoice Templates

You can customize your invoice templates to have your company's look and feel (including the addition of your company logo), as well as use merge fields to display only the billing and payments information you want your customers to see. Zuora provides a sample, ready-to-use invoice template you can download. See Creating a Custom Invoice Template for detailed information about creating a custom invoice templates.

Prepare Templates for New Invoice File Generation Service

See Upgrade to New Invoice File Generation Service for information.

Prefix & Numbering

From the Prefix & Numbering tab, you can customize the format of invoice numbers. Invoice numbers comprise a custom prefix followed by a sequential document number. For example, a company named Grand Hotels might use invoice numbers such as GHINV00000142.

Customize Invoice Numbers

You can use Prefix and Starting Document Number to set the invoice number of the next invoice to be generated by Zuora. When you change the prefix or starting document number, Zuora does not modify the invoice numbers of previously generated invoices.

The default prefix is INV.


  • The starting document number must be greater than or equal to the displayed Min start number for the prefix. This limitation ensures that invoice numbers of previously generated invoices are not reused in the future.
  • The prefix must contain at least 1 character and at most 16 characters.
  • The prefix can only contain alphanumeric characters, underscores, and dashes.
  • The first character of the prefix cannot be an underscore or a dash, and the last character of the prefix cannot be a digit.
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