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Configure Tax Codes in Zuora Billing


A tax code is used to identify which tax rules and rates to apply to a specific charge.

About Tax Codes

There is a one-to-many relationship between tax codes and products. For example, a tax code can be “Apparel,” and that can map to hundreds of product SKUs for various clothing in various sizes and colors.

For many companies, a single tax code, such as “Internet Service,” is applicable to all products. Zuora Billing has the ability to store multiple Tax Codes in the system.

Creating Tax Codes

Use the Zuora Billing Set Up Taxation Codes settings page to create tax codes. Once you have successfully imported a tax rate file, the tax code will be activated automatically.

To create a tax code:

  1. Click your username at the top right and navigate to​​​​​ Billing > Set Up Taxation Codes.
  2. Click add new tax code, and enter values for the new code.
  3. Click save.

Tax Code Fields

Field Required? Description
Tax Code Name Yes This is used to identify the tax code and is mapped to the product charge.
Accounting Code No This accounting code is associated to the taxes in the Invoice Details Export.
Description No This field is available on the Invoice PDF and the Invoice Details Export.
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