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We are currently transitioning to a new Reporting solution, with a new set of Standard Reports. See Create a Summary Report for how to use the new Reporting solution. See Reporting Migration Process for more information about the transition.


Styles allow you to customize the look and feel of your report.

Style Options

You can specify the fonts, sizes, and colors for the various parts of a report. The Style for a report is defined within a style sheet, and a default style sheet is automatically assigned to your report. However, you can further customize your report defining a new style when you run your report.

A default style sheet is automatically assigned to your report, but you can specify a unique style when you run a single report.

Add a Style to a Report

To add a style to a report:

  1. To use an existing external style sheet, select Use stored style sheet, then select a style sheet from the list.
  2. To define a unique style for a single report, select Use custom style sheet. Select the desired fonts and colors for your report. Click Edit next to each report element to see your options.
    • Logo: Click Browse to select a logo to add to the report.
    • Item: The line item on a report. To alternate the background color, edit Alternating and select a color different than the background color.
    • Report Title: Shows the title defined under Layout Options at the beginning of a report.
    • Column Headers: The labels at the top of each column.
    • Report Footer: The bottom of the last page of the report.
    • Group Header: The information at the beginning of each group.
    • Group Footer: The information at the end of each group.
    • Page Header: Shows the value defined under Layout Options at the top of each page.
    • Page Footer: Shows the value defined under Layout Options at the bottom of each page.

The date and time of the report automatically appears at the top of the report

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