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Exporting Object Data


From Billing and Payments, you can export certain types of data into a comma-separated value (CSV) file (a CSV file is a file in which the values for different fields or cells are separated by commas; most reporting tools know how to read CSV files). These exported files will contain all data from all fields for each selected aspect of your subscription business. Once you have these files, you can use them in your own reporting tool.

When you export data from Zuora, each exported file is available for download for seven days.

Working with Object Data

In programming languages, customer accounts, subscriptions, products, and other parts of your subscription business are called objects. Each object has a number of fields contained within it, such as names, dates, and payment methods.

When you see fields on the Billing and Payments screens, very often those fields are using information from these internal fields. When you export data from the Zuora user interface, you export all of the data contained within those objects. You can then use that data in any reporting tool that accepts CSV-formatted files.

Export Data

To export data from Zuora:

  1. Access the required page in Billing. For example, access the Customer Accounts page to export your customer accounts.
  2. There will be one or more Export links on the right side of the page. For example, for Customer Accounts, the link is Export Customer Accounts. Click one of the available links. Depending on which page you are on, one or more files are exported as CSV files contained in zipped file format.
  3. You can also access these files from Reporting > Exports.

The following table provides a list of all the export links and types of data that you can export. For example, if you export customer accounts, Zuora exports three files: a file for contacts, a file for customer accounts, and a file for payment methods. All three files are contained within a zipped file.

Objects Export Link Data Available from Export
Customer Accounts Export Customer Accounts Contact, Customer Account, Payment Method
Adjustments Export Adjustments Adjustments
Invoice Item Adjustments Export Invoice Item Adjustments Invoice Item Adjustments
Product Export Product Catalog Product, Product Rate Plan, Price

Export Mass Order Entry

Export Subscriptions

Mass Order Entry (includes Subscriptions and Amendments data)


Subscriptions and Amendments Export Orders Orders (includes Subscriptions and Amendments)
Billing Runs Export Bill Runs Bill Runs (all)
Invoices Export Invoices Invoices (all)
Payment Runs Export Payment Runs Payment Runs (all)
Payments Export Payments Payments (all)
Credit Balance Export Credit Balance Transactions Credit balance transactions (all)
All User List CSV  

The following user data is included in this export:

  • User ID
  • User Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Status
  • Work Email
  • Created On
  • Zuora Billing Role
  • Zuora Payments Role
  • Zuora Commerce Role
  • Zuora Platform Role
  • Zuora Finance Role
  • Last Login
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