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Enterprise Solution Architect Services


Enterprise Solution Architect Services

The Enterprise Solution Architect Services described below are in addition to the support and implementation services provided under and subject to the customer's master subscription agreement. Zuora will provide the Customer with Enterprise Solution Architect Services at the applicable hours, as specified on the applicable Order Form.

Enterprise Solution Architect Services Description

Partner with your Enterprise Solution Architect to design an ongoing business strategy with personalized guidance and insights into your Zuora deployment. Zuora will assign a Senior onshore Enterprise Solution Architect ("ESA") to provide architecture system guidance to guide the Customer through accelerating business results, optimizing growth, and mitigating system risk. The ESA will serve as the continuous Zuora technical advisory presence for the Customer and will recommend Zuora best practices as applicable to the Customer's deployment of the Zuora Services.

The ESA can provide technical deployment guidance for the Customer's deployment of the Zuora Service, including:  

  • Strategize on Customer’s business initiatives and roadmap and lay out an action plan for achieving these initiatives

  • Zuora Service configuration and design recommendations for existing deployment and new customer business initiatives

  • Advise on Zuora Service's new features and applications for customer’s deployment

  • Zuora Service system performance review, along with recommendations on how to improve the performance of the system

  • Conduct workflow analysis and optimization recommendations

  • Advise Customer on business process improvements

  • Perform a top-down review of all Customer customizations and identify ways in which the customer can standardize their Zuora Service configuration and deployment 

  • Execute Optimization Workshop with Customer. Examples may include product catalog optimization, collection process optimization, account close optimization, integration optimization

ESA services also include delivery of the milestones outlined in the TAM Elite tier level. See Technical Account Manager Services.

Customer Obligations

 Zuora's provision of an ESA is conditioned on the following:

  1. Customer providing Zuora with all information reasonably requested by Zuora from time to time relating to Customer's use of Zuora Services, including information on Customer's hardware, network, and systems, and any related third-party materials used in connection with the Zuora Service.
  2. Customer cooperating with the ESA to structure regular Checkpoint Meetings to discuss the ESA services topics and check in on progress at mutually agreeable times.
  3. Customer coordinating ESA activities with the broader Customer team.

Assumptions and Exclusions

ESA services will be provided via scheduled conference call meetings and email Q&A. All ESA travel-related expenses to Customer’s site will be invoiced to Customer on a monthly basis and will be due upon receipt.  The customer will receive the number of ESA service hours per week as defined in the Order Form (weekly schedule during local business hours to be agreed by the parties); reasonable preparation and follow-up time count towards ESA service hours. Unused hours of the ESA’s services will not be credited to subsequent months and are non-refundable. ESA services are advisory in nature and expressly exclude implementation, software development, customization development, code-level API support, data migration, or similar services of a professional services nature.