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Schedule promotions in Dynamic Offers


Schedule promotions in Dynamic Offers

You can offer different promotions to your end users by scheduling dynamic offer versions to be run in specified periods. By doing so, you don't need to create a new offer version each time a promotion changes.


For each dynamic offer, only one version can be promoted at a time. But you can schedule for different versions to be run in different time periods. You can set up promotions for multiple dynamic offers to be run in overlapping periods.

Within a given time period, when the dynamic offer API is hit, the promoted version of that offer will be run.

Promotions can be in the following statuses:

  • Live: The promotion is currently effective
  • Scheduled: The promotion is scheduled to be run in future
  • Previously Published (Prev.): The promotion has already ended

The status of the affected dynamic offer versions will also be updated when the promotions change. See Dynamic offer version status change below for details.

Add a promotion

Take the following steps to add a promotion:

 1. Use either of the following ways to start adding a promotion:

  • On the Dynamic Offer homepage, click View Promotion > Add a Promotion 
  • On the landing page of a dynamic offer, go to the Versions section and click the More icon of a version, then select Schedule as Promotion

You will be taken to the Add a Promotion page.

  1. Enter a title and, optionally a description for the promotion.

  2. Set the effective time period of the promotion in UTC time. Note that you cannot specify the starting time to be earlier than the current UTC time.

  3. Specify the dynamic offer and version that this promotion will include. 

  4. Click Save.

Note: You cannot save the promotion if its time period overlaps with an existing promotion of the same dynamic offer.

View and manage promotions

You can view and edit your promotions on the Promotions page.

The following information about the promotions is available:

  • Title and the start & end time of the promotion.
  • The dynamic offer and version the promotion includes. You can go to the details page of the version by clicking on the version number.
  • The status of the promotions.

You can take the following actions for promotions in different statuses:

  • For Scheduled promotions, you can edit the starting and ending date, as well as the dynamic offer and version it includes. You can also delete it.
  • For Live promotions, you can only change the ending date to extend or shorten the promotion. You can also choose to end the promotion.
  • For promotions that are finished, you can only view their details.

You can also schedule a version to be promoted or end a promotion from the Version section on the landing page of a dynamic offer.

Dynamic offer version status change 

The following status changes will be applied to the affected dynamic offer versions:

  • The status of a version in a currently effective promotion will be updated to Promo
  • If the promoted version is different from the version in the Live status, the original Live version will be updated to Paused until the promotion ends. After the promotion ends, the status of the Paused version will be updated to Live again.