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Exporting Users


Exporting Users

The following information references how to export Zephrs stored in Zephr from your Zephr Admin Console. If you are using an older version of Zephr, such as Zephr Classic, please review this guide instead.

Zephr provides you with the ability to export a list of Users from the Zephr Identity Store as a JSON export.

To Export Users

First, log in to your Zephr Admin Console.

Once logged in, input the following URL on to your browser:

This will download a JSON object displaying all of your users. You can visualize this information using a specific JSON editor or a notepad on your computer.

The information you get will looks similar to the following:


Export Query Parameters

The red element of the URL above is called the Admin API query parameter.

You can also add a combination of query parameters that will allow you to include additional information on your export, for example:

  • /v3/user-export?grants=true: Provides information about entitlement and their start-end dates
  • /v3/user-export?since=2021-02-24T00:00:00Z: All users who have registered after the specified date
  • /v3/user-export?attributes=true: Export users including their attributes

You can also run a combination of these parameters on to a single query string like:


A full list of the available query commands can be found in our Admin API documentation.