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If you use Zephr as an Identity Management platform, you can manage your registered users using the Admin Console.

Zephr can identify a user by their email address and/or their username. By default, Zephr is configured to use email addresses to identify the user. If you use both email address and username to identify users, either can be used for authentication.

Zephr configures your console to match your requirements. The fields you see in the Identity module depend on the configuration of your console. The screenshots used in this section apply to the default configuration.

If using username to identify your users, the Email Address field is replaced by the Username field in the Users, Add User and User Details screens.

Note: If you do not require the email address for your users, they might not be able to receive a verification email. Therefore, if you identify your users by username, ensure that the Require email verification checkbox is not selected. For further information on the Require email verification checkbox, see the Authentication topic.

If using both email address and username to identify your users, both the Email Address and the Username fields are included in the screens, as shown below:

The Users screen displays the following headings:


The Add User screen displays the following fields:


The User Details screen displays the following fields:


For further information on managing your users, see the following topics: