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Edit credit and debit memos


Edit credit and debit memos

You can edit a credit or debit memo after creation from the Zuora UI and REST API. You can edit credit or debit memos only if you have the Billing user permission. See Billing Roles for more information.


Currently, Zuora supports updating tax-exclusive memo items, but does not support updating tax-inclusive memo items. 

If the amount of a memo item is updated, the tax will be recalculated in the following conditions:

  • The memo is created from a product rate plan charge and you use Avalara to calculate the tax.
  • The memo is created from an invoice and you use Avalara or Zuora Tax to calculate the tax.


To edit credit memos and debit memos from the Zuora REST API, see PUT Update Credit Memo and PUT Debit Memo.

To edit credit memos and debit memos from the Zuora UI, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Billing > Credit and Debit Memos in the navigation section.
  2. On the Credit and Debit Memos page, click the memo number that you want to edit in the Credit Memos or Debit Memos tab. The memo detail page opens.
  3. In the Basic Information section, click Edit to update the basic information of the memo. The Reason Code field is only editable if you have the billing user permission.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Edit in the memo item row you want to edit. Edit the memo item information. Note that you cannot edit the items of the credit memos that are generated from the bill run.
  6. Click Save.

For more information about the description of service periods and accounting codes, see View credit and debit memos.