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Regenerate memo PDFs


Regenerate memo PDFs

To get the latest version of the memo documents after the memo updates, you need to regenerate the memo PDFs. For example, a credit memo is applied to pay invoices and debit memos. The applied amount of the credit memo is then changed on the memo PDF. To send your customer the updated memo document, you must regenerate the memo PDF.

To regenerate a memo PDF through the Zuora REST API, see POST Credit Memo PDF and POST Debit Memo PDF.

To regenerate a memo PDF through the Zuora UI, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Billing > Credit and Debit Memos in the navigation section.
  2. On the Credit and Debit Memos page, click the memo number that you want to edit in the Credit Memos or Debit Memos tab. The memo detail page opens.
  3. Click the vertical dots icon to display the applicable actions and use the following options to regenerate the PDF:
    • For credit memo, click Regenerate Credit Memo PDF.
    • For debit memo, click Regenerate Debit Memo PDF.

You can find the regenerated memo PDFs in the History section on the memo detail page.