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Cancel credit and debit memos


Cancel credit and debit memos

You can cancel credit memos and debit memos only if you have the Billing user permission and the memos are in draft status. If the memos are posted, you are not allowed to cancel them. See Billing Roles for more information about Billing user permissions.


To cancel a credit or debit memo from the REST API, see PUT Cancel Credit Memo or PUT Cancel Debit Memo

To cancel a credit memo or a debit memo from the Zuora UI, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Billing > Credit and Debit Memos in the left-hand navigation section.
  2. On the Credit and Debit Memos page, click the Credit Memos or Debit Memos tab.
  3. Click the memo number that you want to cancel.
  4. On the memo detail page, click Cancel.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the action.

The memo is then in Canceled status.