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Terminate bill runs


Terminate bill runs

You can terminate bill runs that are in Processing status. After a bill run has started generating invoices, you can terminate the bill run through the Zuora UI.

You can terminate bill runs only when all the following conditions are met:

  • You must have the Terminate Bill Runs permission to terminate bill runs. See Zuora Billing Roles for more information.
  • The status of a bill run is Processing.

After you terminate a bill run, no additional invoices or credit memos will be generated. The invoices or credit memos that are already generated by this bill run instance are not impacted. Besides, future instances of scheduled bill runs are unaffected. If a scheduled bill run is executed in the future, it is unaffected by the termination.

The Credit and Debit Memos feature is only available if you have the Invoice Settlement feature enabled.

To terminate a bill run that is in Processing status:

  1. Navigate to Billing > Bill Runs
  2. In the All Bill Runs list, find the bill run that you want to terminate. 
  3. Click the bill run number to enter the Bill Run detail page, and then click more > Terminate this bill run to terminate the bill run.
  4. When a dialog is displayed to prompt you to confirm whether you want to terminate the selected bill run, click OK.

The bill run is terminated, and its status becomes Completed.