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Subscriptions UI use case


Subscriptions UI use case

The following use case shows you how to view the billing attributes of the Flexible Billing Attributes feature on the subscription details pages. This use case also shows you how to edit bill-to and sold-to contacts on the subscription details pages, and the considerations before editing the bill-to and sold-to contacts.

View or edit billing attributes of Flexible Billing Attributes feature

In this use case, assume that you have an initial subscription with billing attributes of the Flexible Billing Attributes feature feature.

To view or edit the billing attributes, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Subscriptions.
  2. On the Subscriptions page, find the subscription that you want to view its details and click its subscription number.
  3. In the Basic Information > Billing & Payment section, find the following billing attributes on the subscription details page.
    • Bill To Contact
    • Sold To Contact
    • Currency
    • Payment Term
    • Invoice Template ID
    • Sequence Set ID
  4. Click the edit icon next to Bill To and Sold To fields to edit the bill-to and sold-to contacts. 

    Before editing the bill-to and sold-to contacts, you need to be aware of the following: 

    • If you edit the bill-to contact,  the bill-to contact of the invoice owner account will be updated. 
    • If you edit the sold-to contact, the sold-to contact of the subscription owner account will be updated.

    In this case, such a change in the invoice and subscription owner accounts will impact other subscriptions under the same account and invoices associated with these subscriptions.