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Feature Field Group Settings


Feature Field Group Settings

This article describes how to add, remove, and view field sets associated with a feature.

To create features in the product catalog and use them in subscriptions and Zuora Quotes, you need to enable the following:

Configure Feature Field Sets

You can assign a custom field set to a feature to display relevant attributes for that specific feature. For example, a relevant attribute for an internet service could be the speed, and a relevant attribute for a lunch delivery service could be beverage options. You create custom fields for these attributes and assign a specific custom field to a specific feature using the Salesforce field set feature, such as the speed custom field to the internet service feature. When creating a quote, your user will see the assigned attributes in the product selector when adding or updating the feature that the attribute is linked.

Before you configure a feature-specific field set, you need to add custom fields and a new field set. 

To enable feature attributes: 

  1. In Zuora Quotes, create custom fields on the ZFeature object.
  2. In Zuora Quotes, create custom fields on the Quote Product Feature object with the same API name and the types as on the custom field you created above on the ZFeature object.
  3. In Zuora Quotes, create a field set on the ZFeature object, and add the custom fields you just created to the new field set. For example, for a lunch service, you may have created two custom fields for beverage and dessert options. Create a field set and add those custom fields to the field set.
  4. Click the Zuora Config tab, and click Feature Field Group Settings.
  5. In the features list, click the name of the feature for which you want to configure attributes.
  6. To delete a field set, click Del next to the field set.
  7. To add a field set:
    1. Click Add New Field Set.
    2. Select the field set you added in Step 3 and click Add.
  8. To view a list of fields in a field set associated with the feature, click the field set label, and the Field Set Fields table refreshes with the fields included in the field set.

Send Feature Attributes Field Set to Zuora

To send the feature attributes that you associate with a feature to Zuora, add the attribute custom fields to the field set used for sending the feature custom fields to Zuora.

To send feature attributes from Salesforce to Zuora:

  1. In Zuora, create custom fields you want to use with feature attributes with the exact same API name and type you gave to the corresponding custom fields in Salesforce.
  2. In Zuora Quotes, add the custom fields you created on the ZFeature object in the previous section to the Custom Quote Product Feature Fields field set on the ZFeature object. The Custom Quote Product Feature Fields field set contains the custom fields that are sent to Zuora when quotes are submitted. This field set should only contain custom fields, or you receive an error if you add a standard field to this field set.
  3. The products that include the feature attributes must have the Allow Feature Changes in Subscriptions field checked in Zuora Product Catalog.