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Quote TCV Rollup Settings


Quote TCV Rollup Settings

Total contract value (TCV) calculates the total one-time and recurring charges from the subscription start date to the subscription end date, covering all terms. For instance, if a three-year contract is billed annually at $50,000 per year and has a one-time set up fee of $10,000, then the total contract value for this contract is $160,000.

This setting works in both legacy CPQ and CPQ X.

You can configure how the TCV metric of quotes are rolled up to calculate the TCV of the parent opportunity. The available options are:

  • Roll up 100% of the TCV of the last modified quote.
  • Roll up a percentage of TCV of each quote under an opportunity.
    The percentage is based on the status of each quote. 
    Use this method if there are multiple quotes in an opportunity or if the last modified quote is in an early phase of a sales process.
  • Roll up 100% of the TCV of the primary quote. This option is available in Zuora Quotes V. 7.3+.

If a quote is not attached to an opportunity, the TCV roll-up method setting is ignored.

To set the TCV roll-up method:

  1. In Zuora Quotes, click the Zuora Config tab.
  2. Click Quote TCV Rollup Settings.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click TCV Rollup Method arrow and select a TCV rollup method:
    • Use TCV from Last Modified Quote Only: Calculates the opportunity TCV by rolling up the TCV from the last modified quote only.
    • Use Percentage of Each Quote's TCV based on Quote Status: Calculates the opportunity TCV by rolling up the TCV from the last modified quote only. 
      • In the TCV Percentage Definition section, enter a value in the % of TCV to include the column for each quote status.
    • Use TCV from Primary Quote Only: Calculates the opportunity TCV by rolling up the TCV of the primary quote only.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Apply Settings to Existing Quotes if you want to re-calculate the amount of existing opportunities based on the new setting.