Scrubbed Fields in Payment Transaction Log

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Scrubbed Fields in Payment Transaction Log

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The following table lists the scrubbed fields and the values stored after scrubbing in the Payment Transaction Log business object:

Business Object Field Name Value after Scrubbing Description
transactionId Record Scrubbed Transaction ID
responseCode Record Scrubbed Response code
responseMsg Record Scrubbed Response message
authorizationCode Record Scrubbed Authorization code
avsAddressResponse Record Scrubbed AVS address in the response
avsZipResponse Record Scrubbed AVS Zip in the response
avsInternationalResponse Record Scrubbed AVS International in the response
ccv2Response Record Scrubbed CCV2 in the response
requestString Scrubbed Request String Request string
responseString Scrubbed Response String Response string
secondPaymenttransactionId Record Scrubbed The second payment transaction ID
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