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AQuA API Error Codes


AQuA API Error Codes

Error Codes

This table lists  error codes and messages. When any of these AQuA API error codes are returned that means that the AQuA execution was unsuccessful and a corrected query invocation should be attempted.

When the API user does not have permission to one or more objects in any query, the query is ignored.

Error Code Error Message
90001 Invalid Batch Id. 
90002 Invalid Job Id. 
90003 Invalid Job Id for job cancellation.
90004 Invalid number of queries allowed. A maximum of 50 queries are supported in an AQuA request.
90005 There is a syntax error in one of the queries in the AQuA input.
90006 Internal Storage Error.
90007 The query execution has been aborted. 
90008 Internal Database Connection Error.
90009 User is not authorized.
90010 Internal Server Error.
90012 Stateless AQuA does not support deleted columns.
90014 notifyURL must be less than 5000 characters in length.
90015 The incremental timestamp is invalid.
90016 There are no queries included in the AQuA version 1.0 request.
90017 Objects included in the queries do not support the querying of deleted records. Remove "Deleted" section in the JSON request and retry the request.
90018  The API user does not have permission to one or more objects in the queries. These queries are ignored.

Partner ID is not recognized.

Submit a request at Zuora Global Support to obtain a partner ID.

90020 Invalid Disctinct column, without Count function.
90021 Invalid currency specified in the convertToCurrencies request parameter.
90022 Internal error. If you receive this error, you should retry the query.
90029 The job was marked as Error as it exceeded maximum time limit in Processing status.