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Settings API Field Name and UI Text Comparison Table


Settings API Field Name and UI Text Comparison Table

For some Settings API field names, it is not very easy to identify their corresponding texts as displayed on the Zuora UI. The following comparison tables provide such mapping details that might help when you configure subscription and order settings, billing rules, payment rules, and accounting rules through API. 

Subscription settings

API Key: SubscriptionSettings

UI Location:  Settings > Billing > Default Subscription and Order Settings

API field name UI text
termType Default Term Type
initialTerm Default Initial Term (months)
renewalTerm Default Renewal Term (months)
contractRenewal Default Subscriptions to Auto-Renew?
acceptanceOfOrders Require Customer Acceptance of Orders?
implementationPeriod Require Service Activation of Orders?
subscriptionsInvoicedSeparately Enable Subscriptions to be Invoiced Separately?
increasePriceRenewSubscription Enable Automatic Price Change when Subscriptions are Renewed?
priceChangeOption Default Price Change for Product Charges
productFeatureOfSubscription Enable Feature Specification in Products and Subscriptions?
renewNoChargeSubscription Enable subscription auto-renew when there's no product in subscription?
autoRenewJobRunTimeType Subscription Auto Renew Job Type
orderMetricsTaxationOption Calculate Tax for TCB and ELP Metrics?
updateChargeTriggerCondition Update rate plan charge trigger condition?
updateSubscriptionActivationDate Allow update Subscription trigger dates?
enableAccountLevelDiscount Enable account level discount?
priceIncreasePercentage Price increase percentage
invoicePastEndOfTerm Invoice Past End-of-Term when Auto-Renew is OFF?
autoRenewJobRunTime Subscription Auto Renew Job Time
skipOwnerTransferValidationForDeletionAccount Enable force deletion for Account?
enableOrderUI Enable Order UI?
autoRenewByOrder Auto-Renew by order?
enableOrderCpq Enable Order for CPQ?
skipAmendmentGenerationBySubscribe Skip amendment generation by subscribe?

Billing rules

API Key: BillingRules

UI Location: Settings > Billing > Define Billing Rules

API field name UI text
oneTimeCreditBack Enable credit back for removing or canceling one time charges?
prorateRecurringMonthlyCharges Bill recurring charges for partial month (with monthly based billing periods)?
prorateRecurringWeeklyCharges Bill recurring charges for partial week (with weekly based billing periods)?
prorateUsageMonthlyCharges Bill usage charges for partial month (with monthly based billing periods)?
prorateUsageWeeklyCharges Bill usage charges for partial week (with weekly based billing periods)?
daysInMonth When prorating a month, assume 30 days in a month or use actual days?
prorationUnit When prorating periods greater than a month, prorate by month first, or by day?
allowAutoPostBillRun Support bill run auto-post?
autoPostBillRunDefaultValue Default bill run to auto-post?
includeNegativeInvoice Include invoices with negative totals in the Account Balance (included associated Debit Memos)?
transactionOnSubscription How should errors be handled when generating multiple invoices for a single account via bill run?
takeContactSnapshot Preserve snapshot of bill-to and sold-to contacts when billing documents are posted?
sequentialInvoiceNumber Enable Sequential Billing Document Number?
numberAssignmentTiming Setting determines when the document will be assigned a number from the official document sequence
invoicePastEndOfTerm Invoice Past End-of-Term when Auto-Renew is OFF?
billToTermEndWhenAutoRenew Invoice Past End-of-Term when Auto-Renew is ON?
taxAddressOwner Calculate taxes using information from Customer Account of:
taxInclusiveRoundingRule Zuora Tax rounding rule for inclusive tax calculation
taxRateChangeOption When service period of an invoice item crosses multiple tax rate period, it will generate:
notSendZeroItemsForTax Do not send $0 items to external tax engines
useAvalaraTaxCalculationForIIA Use Avalara to calculate taxes for invoice item adjustments?
allowIndistinctMapping Allow indistinct mapping from Memo / Invoice Item Adjustment tax item to invoice item tax
zuoraNumberFormatForMergeField Format numeric merge fields based on communication profile locales?
copyBillingAttributesFromAccountForStandaloneInvoice Copy billing attributes from accounts to billing documents when no attributes are specified on subscriptions.
preGenerateInvoicePdf Proactively generate Invoice PDF files?
availableToCreditValidationLevel vailable to credit validation for credit memos
timeOfDailyInvoice Approximate time of day to generate daily invoices
debookRebookSupportable Apply new tax rate for additional units purchased and old tax rate for returns?
includeChildUsage Include usage from child accounts when billing?
recurringChargeStyle Invoice recurring charges in advance or arrears?
proratePeriodOfRecurringCharge Prorate recurring charges for partial period?
creditMemoMirroringInvoiceItemsRule Create credit memos mirroring invoice items
legalDocumentGeneratingRule Invoice/Credit Memo generation rule
zuoraTaxRoundingDiffDispersion Redistribute Zuora Tax rounding differences
rateUsageIndividually Round and determine a price for usage records individually when rating usage charges?
invoiceSplit Allow invoice splitting?
consolidateInvoices Allow to consolidate subscriptions, order line items and standalone invoice items into a single invoice?
discountCreditProration Credit for Prorated Discounts (Fixed-amount Discount Charge Only)
useSystemDefaultSuffixForCreditItems Use system default suffix for credit items
autoRenewalBillRun Default bill run to automatically renew auto-renew subscriptions that are up for renewal
catchUpBillRun Enable catch-up bill run
copyBillingAttributesFromAccount Copy billing attributes from accounts to billing documents when no attributes are specified on subscriptions.
customerHierarchy Enable Customer Hierarchy
recurringCreditProrationOption When bill credit for recurring charges, based on billed period or credit period
taxPreview Enable tax preview with external tax engines during generation of invoice and credit memo?
discountConsolidated Send external engine consolidated discount and regular charge
availableToCreditIncludingRbeCreditMemo Available to credit validation for credit memos

Payment rules

API Key: PaymentRules

UI Location: Settings > Payments > Define Payment Rules

API field name UI text
enableCreditCardDateValidation Validate credit card expiration date?
enableTransactionFutureDateFeature Enable future dated credit balance adjustment?
enableCBRefundInGR Support refunding payments from the credit balance with Gateway Reconciliation?
enableCustomPaymentNumber Allow custom payment number input during payment creation
enableUnapplyWhenCancelPayment Unapply payment first when canceling it?

Accounting rules

API Key: AccountingRules

UI Location: Settings > Finance > Configure Accounting Rules

API field name UI text
allowBlankAccountingCodes Allow blank Accounting Codes
allowCreationInClosedPeriod Allow Subscription and Amendments to be created in a closed Accounting Period
allowUsageInClosedPeriod Allow Usage to be created in a closed Accounting Period
allowRevenueScheduleNegativeAmounts Allow Revenue Schedules to have negative amounts in the Open-Ended Accounting Period
differentCurrencies Aggregate transactions with different currencies during a Journal Run