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Get a specific Invoice Template


Get a specific Invoice Template

To get a specific Invoice Template, the Id of the specific Invoice Template is required as a path parameter. See the following request and a sample of 200 response.

HTTP request:


Response body:

  "name": "System Default Template",
  "defaultTemplate": true,
  "suppressZeroValueLine": false,
  "templateFileName": "Zuora - Invoice  Template - 2016 v1.0 - USD - English (1).doc",
  "base64EncodedTemplateFileContent": "0M8R4KGxGuEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPgADAP...",
  "templateCategory": "New",
  "templateFormat": "WORD",
  "id": "8a90da067e766b83017e76b3546001e1",  
  "updatedOn": "2022-01-20T00:56:11.000-08:00"

The template file content is supported as base64EncodedTemplateFileContent. To transfer a specific Invoice Template to another environment:

  1. Use this call to view the specific Invoice Template.
  2. Copy the value of the base64EncodedTemplateFileContent field in the 200 response body.
  3. Make a Create a new Invoice Template call in the target environment, pasting the value copied from step 2 into the base64EncodedTemplateFileContent field of the request body.