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Get all templates of invoices


Get all templates of invoices

You can list all Invoice Templates, Credit Memo Templates, and Debit Memo Templates by performing GET calls on the corresponding endpoints of the Settings API. This article describes how to list all Invoice Templates in a tenant.

To get all Invoice Templates, see the following request and a sample of 200 response.

HTTP request:


Response body:

    "name": "System Default Template",
    "defaultTemplate": true,
    "suppressZeroValueLine": false,
    "templateFileName": "Zuora - Invoice  Template - 2016 v1.0 - USD - English (1).doc",
    "templateCategory": "New",
    "id": "bd5d1b5c07cfb36f20787340b4122184"
    "name": "AllBrighter",
    "defaultTemplate": false,
    "suppressZeroValueLine": false,
    "templateFileName": "Allbrighter - Invoice  Template - 2019 v1.1USD.doc",
    "templateCategory": "New",
    "id": "bd5d1b5ce21827df053fda6d43fb4ade"