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Resume a Subscription (Amendment)


Resume a Subscription (Amendment)

Use the Resume amendment to resume a suspended subscription. 

Resuming a Subscription (WSDL 76.0 and higher) 

In version 76.0 and greater, you can use the amend() call to create a resume amendment. This call also allows you to preview the invoices before amending the subscription.

Set the following fields to suspend an active subscription:

  • Specify the following fields in the Amendment object:
    • Set Type to ResumeSubscription.
    • Specify a name for the amendment.
    • Specify the Subscription ID.
    • Set the ResumeDate. This is the date when subscription resumption takes effect. See Resume Date for more information.
    • Set ContractEffectiveDate. This is the date when the customer notifies you that they want to resume their subscription.
  • PreviewOptions: Set EnablePreviewMode to true if you want to preview what the invoice would be, including the amount and charges after the amendment, without creating the amendment. This is useful when calculating prorations and complex charges.

SOAP Example

         <obj:Description>Resume a subscription</obj:Description>         
         <obj:Name>Resume a subscription</obj:Name>