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Use the execute() call to execute a process to split an invoice into multiple invoices. The original invoice must be in draft status. The resulting invoices are called split invoices. This SOAP API reference includes syntax, call wrappers and container descriptions, requirements, and examples.


This feature is in Limited Availability. If you want to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support

To split a draft invoice into multiple split invoices:

  1. Use the create() call to create a separate InvoiceSplitItem object for each split invoice that you want to create from the original draft invoice.
  2. Use the create() call to create a single InvoiceSplit object to collect all of the InvoiceSplitItem objects.
  3. Use the execute() call to split the draft invoice into multiple split invoices.

You need to create InvoiceSplitItem objects and an InvoiceSplit object before you can use the execute() call. 

  • Supported objects: InvoiceSplit
  • Version availability: WSDL 43.0+
  • Asynchronous process: yes

Syntax and Arguments

The execute() call uses the following items:

Request: execute

Use all of the following fields for every execute() request:

  • type
    • Description: Specifies the type of executed item. As of WSDL 43.0, invoice splits are the only supported type.
    • Type: string
    • Version notes: WSDL 43.0+
    • Values: invoicesplit
  • synchronous
    • Description: Indicates if the call is synchronous or asynchronous. As of WSDL 43.0, this call must be asynchronous.
    • Type: boolean
    • Version notes: WSDL 43.0+
    • Valuesfalse
  • ids
    • Description: The ID of the object. As of WSDL 43.0, InvoiceSplit objects are the only supported objects.
    • Type: string
    • Version notes: WSDL 43.0+
    • Values: a valid InvoiceSplit object ID

Example request


Response: ExecuteResult

The ExecuteResult response has the following fields:

  • Errors
    • InvalidTypeFault
      An invalid type, unknown type, or a type not supported in the API version was specified.
    • UnexpectedErrorFault
      There was an unexpected problem with the call. No further details are available.
  • Id
    • The ID of the object in the call. The value is the same as the value you provide in the ids field for the request.
  • Success
    • Boolean field that confirms that the call succeeded.