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Query Usage on an Account


Query Usage on an Account


This use case queries programmatically for usages that were created in the system.

Querying Usages

Use the following syntax to query usages on an account using a ZOQL statement:

select Id, AccountId, SourceType, UOM, Quantity, RbeStatus, StartDateTime, EndDateTime, SourceName, SubmissionDateTime from Usage where AccountId = 'someAccountId'

The SOAP call envelope payload should look like the following:

 <ns1:queryString>selectId, AccountNumber, EndDateTime, Quantity, RbeStatus, SourceName, SourceType, StartDateTime, SubmissionDateTime, UOM from Usage where AccountId = '4028e485225d1d5f0122662fd6b249c8'</ns1:queryString>

 The RbeStatus field does not indicate whether usage was processed.