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The SubscribeOptions object contains subscription parameters for the SubscribeRequest structure and is used with subscribe() call. This SOAP API reference describes the fields associated with this complex type.


Name Required? Description



Determines whether any credit balance on a customer's account is automatically applied to invoices. If no value is specified then this field defaults to false.

Type: boolean

Version notes: WSDL 54.0+

Allowable valuestrue, false 



Represents the electronic payment method that the subscription uses to pay the invoice. 

Type: complex

Version notes: WSDL 70+

Contains the following field:


Specifies the ID of the electronic payment method.

The payment method must already be associated with the customer account that the subscription belongs to.

You can specify a value for this field or the PaymentMethod field of the SubscribeRequest, but you cannot specify a value for both fields.

If you do not specify this field or the PaymentMethod field of the SubscribeRequest, then the default payment method of the customer account is used.

Type: zns:ID

ExternalPaymentOptions optional

Represent the external payment method that the customer uses to pay the invoice on this subscription. The external payment types are cash, check, wire transfer, or other.

Type: complex



Specifies whether an invoice is to be generated when the subscription is created. Defaults to true, which generates and posts an invoice.

Type: boolean

Possible valuestrue (default), false



Use this when you are using electronic payment types.

If GenerateInvoice is true, specifies whether payment should be applied when the subscription is created. If the account's AutoPay flag is true and GenerateInvoice is true and ProcessPayments is true, then the payment is created for the invoice balance and charged. The default value is true.

Type: boolean

Possible values: true, false



If GenerateInvoice is true, this optional complex type may contain the following optional fields specifying how to process the invoice.

Type: complex

The three fields must be specified in the alphabetical order shown below:


A date value that sets the date on which to generate the invoice. (WSDL 49.0+)


  • date: Supported as of WSDL version 69+
  • dateTime: Supported through WSDL version 68


A string specifying the scope of the requested invoice. Possible values:

Account  (invoice for all subscriptions within the account - the default value) 

Subscription (invoice for only the subscription being created in this call)


A dateTime value that sets the target date for the invoice. Default is the current day. (WSDL 47.1+)


  • date: Supported as of WSDL version 69+
  • dateTime: Supported through WSDL version 68

This example requests an invoice for the new subscription only, with a target date and invoice date of December 31, 2013:


WSDL 10 and Earlier

This complex type also provides information for SubscribeWithExistingAccountRequest, part of the deprecated subscribeWithExistingAccount() call.