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An error is a row-level failure that can occur when you attempt a batch call. Errors differ from faults, which cause a call to fail completely. An error causes only part of the call to fail. Parts that succeed are processed. The parts that fail return error codes.

For example, a create() call attempts to create 20 accounts, but two of them fail. The call successfully creates 18 Account objects, and returns error codes for the two failures.

Error Object

Errors are an instance of an Error object, which has three fields.

Field Name Description
Code Specifies the type of error that occurred. This field uses the object, ErrorCode.
Field If the error is a field error, then the Field value is a string that indicates which field failed.
Message A string that describes the error.

ErrorCode Object

The ErrorCode object contains the value for the Error object's field, Code. The WSDL defines errors for both faults and errors in the ErrorCode enumeration.

Error Description
API_DISABLED The API was disabled.
CANNOT_DELETE The specified item couldn't be deleted.
CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING_FAILURE There was a problem processing the credit card.
DUPLICATE_VALUE A duplicate value was found for a value that must be unique.
INVALID_FIELD An invalid field was specified in one of the following calls: create(),  query()update().
INVALID_ID An invalid ID value was specified.
INVALID_LOGIN Invalid login credentials were specified.
INVALID_SESSION The authentication session expired or was otherwise invalid. Log in again.
INVALID_TYPE An invalid object type was specified in one of the following calls: create(),  query()update().
INVALID_VALUE An invalid field value was specified.
INVALID_VERSION The version of the API doesn't match the function you tried to use.

The operation failed from a lock competition. For example, a lock can occur when multiple client operations try to update an object at the same time. Retry later.

WSDL Version: 60.0+

MALFORMED_QUERY The query() call wasn't properly formed.
MAX_RECORDS_EXCEEDED The maximum number of records was exceeded.
MISSING_REQUIRED_VALUE A required value wasn't specified.

The total number of requests for the unit interval has exceeded the limit allowed by the system. HTTP status: 429

REQUEST_EXCEEDED_RATE The total number of concurrent requests has exceeded the limit allowed by the system. Please resubmit your request later. HTTP Status: 200, means the limit is based on application design. 
SERVER_UNAVAILABLE The Zuora server wasn't available.

The operation failed from a temporary error. For example, the encryption component encounters an error that can self-correct within a short time span. Retry later.

WSDL Version: 60.0+

TRANSACTION_FAILED The transaction failed.

The operation failed when a transaction was terminated. This failure may be related to a heavy resource-consuming operation. Do not retry.

If you are fetching large amounts of date, change your operations to work with a smaller set of data.

WSDL Version: 60.0+


The operation failed from a transaction timeout between Zuora and the the third-party you were trying to contact. For example, a call to create payment failed from a gateway timeout.

WSDL Version: 60.0+

UNKNOWN_ERROR There was an unknown error. No further details are available.