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Appstore Connector v1


Appstore Connector v1

The Appstore Connector app is not available for sale now. However, we will continue to support it for customers who already purchased this app.

If you run a subscription-based business on the Zuora platform and use app stores like Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, or Google Play Store, you can now leverage Zuora's Reporting and Insights capabilities with the Appstore Connector apps in Zuora. 

The following Appstore Connector apps can be found in the Marketplace: 

  • Zuora to Amazon App Store Sync
  • Zuora to Apple App Store Sync
  • Zuora to Google Play Store Sync


  • Centrally monitors the apps in one or all of the Apple, Amazon, and Google Play App Stores using one Appstore Connector instance.
  • Tracks and compares subscription and payment date from the Apple, Amazon, and Google Play App Store. 
  • Transforms the corresponding data for use within Zuora.
  • Centralizes multiple subscription acquisition channels for analytical tracking.


  • The Appstore Connector apps do not support discounts in subscriptions.


See Install an App for instructions on how to install an app. You can select and deploy any of the following apps after purchase: 

  • Zuora to Amazon App Store Sync
  • Zuora to Apple App Store Sync
  • Zuora to Google Play Store Sync

Install Appstore Connector

The following operations are specific to this app:

  • Select External in the Execution drop-down list.
  • Enter or select the corresponding app store login credentials for at least one of the Apple, Amazon, and GooglePlay fields. OAuth credentials are not supported by this app.


Configure the Appstore Connector app instance based on the selected connector type:

Using Appstore Connector

See Work with Appstore Connector for details on how to use the configured Appstore Connector instances. If you encounter issues while using the app, see Troubleshoot Appstore Connector for more information.