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Create a NetSuite Connector User


Create a NetSuite Connector User

Many of the custom fields in NetSuite have been restricted to the Administrator. A user with the Administrator privilege can modify the permissions of these custom fields.

Zuora recommends that the integration user uses the all-access System Admin role to simplify the setup process. If you want to create a custom role, use the following instructions to create and configure the role.  

Creating a Web Services User

You need to setup Web Services Preferences with a specific User and Web Services Default Role of Administrator. In NetSuite, select Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences.

If you have a SuiteCloud Plus License, and would like to use concurrent sessions and multithreaded syncing to increase performance, you will need to check the box for Concurrent Web Services User on the Access tab of the employee you wish to use Web Services for NetSuite Connector.

Concurrent Web Services User

Create the Web Services user if you want to create a custom role to manage NetSuite Connector, and not use the standard Administrator role. The User and Role configured for Web Services must have sufficient permissions to access the objects required by NetSuite Connector. To simplify setup, Zuora recommends that you use either a Web Services user that you configure, or a default Administrator user or role. The NetSuite Connector user (either Web Services or Administrator) must have the following permissions:

Object Category Permission Level
Customers List Full
Items List Full
Customer Payment Transaction Full
Customer Refund Transaction Full
Credit Memo Transaction Full
Invoice Transaction Full
Order or Sales Order Transaction Full
Accounts List View
CRM Groups List View
Payment Methods List View
Accounting Lists Setup View
Other Lists Setup View
Web Services Setup Full
Currencies List Full
Locations List Full
Classes List Full
Departments List Full
(NetSuite OneWorld Edition Only)
List Full

Removing Role Restrictions

You must remove any restrictions related to Departments, Classes, Locations, or Subsidiaries that are used in the integration or Zuora record configuration. Select Setup > User/Roles > Manage Roles, then click Customize or Edit to edit the restrictions associated with a user role.  

Verifying Users and Roles

To verify the User or Role in NetSuite, select Setup > User/Roles > Manage Users or Manage Roles. View Manage Users to see the Role assigned to a user, and view Manage Roles to see the list of available roles.