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Disabling Sync Processes


Disabling Sync Processes


You can disable the default sync processes and instead use custom processes. Zuora recommends that you disable sync processes only if you have created custom sync processes. If you disable a process without having a corresponding sync process available, Zuora Connector for Netsuite will not be able to correctly sync your data from Zuora to NetSuite.

Contact your Zuora representative for more information about creating custom sync processes.  

See Overview of the Integration between Zuora and NetSuite for more information about the sync processes.

Credit Memo and Refund Sync Preferences

By default, the NetSuite Credit Memo Sync and NetSuite Refund Sync processes are disabled. See Credit Memo Transactions and Refund Transactions for more information about these sync processes. 

Disabling the Sync Processes

To disable a sync process:

  1. In Zuora Marketplace, navigate to My Connect > Tenants.
  2. Hover on the Zuora Login in Tenant Logins list and click Apps
  3. Click Apps tab in the login details page.
  4. Hover on the connector instance that you use to run the sync. Click Launch
  5. Click Settings in your instance of Zuora Connector for NetSuite.
  6. Click Advanced Settings.
  7. Scroll to the Disable/Force Syncs section.
  8. Select one or more sync processes to disable. You can disable processes that sync data from Zuora to NetSuite, or from NetSuite to Zuora. See Disable/Force Syncs for more information.
  9. Click Submit.