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Editing the Settings of Zuora Connector for NetSuite


Editing the Settings of Zuora Connector for NetSuite


You can edit the NetSuite Connector Integration Manager settings to change preferences, schedules, and other configuration options. 

Editing the Configuration Settings

To edit the NetSuite Connector Integration Manager settings:

  1. In Zuora Marketplace, navigate to My Connect > Tenants.
  2. Hover on the Zuora Login in Tenant Logins list and click Apps
  3. Click Apps tab in the login details page.
  4. Hover on the connector instance that you use to run the sync. Click Launch
  5. Click Settings in your instance of Zuora Connector for NetSuite.
  6. Use the links on the left side of the window to navigate to the configuration panels and modify the settings. See Configure Sync Preferences and Configure Advanced Settings for more information.
  7. Click Submit.