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Account Field Mappings: Zuora to NetSuite Sync


Account Field Mappings: Zuora to NetSuite Sync

This reference describes the mappings of the account information sync from Zuora to NetSuite. 

In some cases, the Source and Destination fields are associated with different objects.

Account Field Mappings

The Destination column lists the default names for the fields in NetSuite. Your fields may have been modified from the default values.

Source Field Destination Field Notes
Customer ID (entityId)
  • If Z-Suite preference Customer Account Number Mapping is Use Number From Source Record, the Zuora Account Number will be used.
  • If Z-Suite preference Customer Account Number Mapping is Use Name from Source Record, the Zuora Account Name will be used.
  • If Z-Suite preference Customer Account Number Mapping is Let Destination Auto-Number, no value will be mapped and NetSuite will assign the next available Customer ID (assuming Auto-Generated Numbers are enabled within NetSuite).

Whether this field is updated for subsequent updates is determined by the Z-Suite preferences Customer Account Sync Behavior and Customer Account Number Update Behavior.

Note: Avoid using double quotation mark (") and comma (,) in Account.Name because it will cause data sync issues. 

Account.AccountNumber Zuora Account Number  
Account.AutoPay AutoPay
Account.Batch Batch
Account.BillCycleDay BillCycleDay
Cross-reference to translate Zuora API value back to Zuora label
Account.CreatedDate Zuora Created Date Text field
Account.CrmId Zuora CRM ID  
Account.Currency Currency Lookup to match Zuora Alphabetic Code to the NetSuite Symbol
Account.CustomerServiceRepName Zuora Customer Service Rep Name  
Account.Id Zuora ID  
Account.Mrr AccountMRR  
Account.Name companyname  
Account.Notes comments  
Account.PaymentTerm terms Standard field in NetSuite.
Account.PaymentTerm Zuora Payment Term  
Account.PurchaseOrderNumber Zuora Purchase Order Number  
Account.SalesRepName Zuora Sales Rep  
Account.Status isInactive If the Status is "Canceled", set this to "true."
Account.TaxExemptCertificateID Zuora Tax Exempt Certificate ID  
Account.TaxExemptCertificateID Tax Reg. Number (vatRegNumber) Only mapped if Z-Suite Advanced Setting Use Standard Invoice Sync is No. Otherwise no value is mapped.
Account.TaxExemptStatus Zuora Tax Exempt Status  
Account.TaxExemptStatus Taxable (isTaxable) Only mapped if Z-Suite Advanced Setting Use Standard Invoice Sync is No. Otherwise no value is explicitly mapped.
Account.UpdatedDate Zuora Updated Date  
Account.IntegrationId__NS internalId Update Zuora with the NetSuite Internal ID after create/link only.
Account.IntegrationStatus__NS n/a Update Zuora with "Sync Complete" after create/link only. See Integration Status and Error Recovery for more information.
Account.SyncDate__NS n/a Update Zuora with current timestamp after create/link only.
Account.CustomerType__NS Type (isPerson)  
BillToContact.Address1 addressbookList.addr1 Where defaultBilling=true
BillToContact.Address2 addressbookList.addr2 Where defaultBilling=true
BillToContact.City Where defaultBilling=true
BillToContact.Country Where defaultBilling=true

static xref

BillToContact.Fax fax  
addressbookList.addressee If defaultBilling=true, concatenate the values.
Only mapped if CustomerType__NS is "individual."
BillToContact.Id Zuora Bill To ID  
BillToContact.PostalCode Where defaultBilling=true
BillToContact.State addressbookList.state Where defaultBilling=true
BillToContact.TaxRegion Zuora Bill To Tax Region  
BillToContact.WorkEmail Zuora Bill To Work Email There is no field for email on the addressbook list, so this is added to the custom header.
BillToContact.WorkEmail Standard field
BillToContact.WorkPhone phone  
BillToContact.WorkPhone Where defaultBilling=true
DefaultPaymentMethod.Type Zuora Default Payment Method  
SoldToContact.Address1 addressbookList.addr1 Where defaultShipping=true
SoldToContact.Address2 addressbookList.addr2 Where defaultShipping=true
SoldToContact.City Where defaultShipping=true
SoldToContact.Country Where defaultShipping=true
addressbookList.addressee Where defaultShipping=true

Concatenate the values

SoldToContact.Id Zuora Sold To ID  
SoldToContact.PostalCode Where defaultShipping=true
SoldToContact.State addressbookList.state Where defaultShipping=true
SoldToContact.WorkEmail Zuora Sold To Work Email There is no field for email on the addressbook list, so this is added to the custom header.
SoldToContact.WorkPhone Where defaultShipping=true
n/a Zuora Sync Date Current timestamp
n/a entityStatus Defaulted by NetSuite. For example, "Customer Closed Won".
n/a addressbookList.replaceAll

If syncing an existing record and Z-Suite preference Customer Sync Behavior is Sync New and Modified Record, map "true". All existing NetSuite address entries will be removed and replaced with the address(es) from the Zuora Account Contact(s).

Account.Subsidiary__NS Subsidiary

Lookup by Full Name to retrieve internalId. The Account.Subsidiary__NS must be the fully-qualified hierarchy name. For example, Parent Record : Child Record. The colon and the spaces surrounding the colon are required.

This is available only in NetSuite OneWorld edition

n/a addressbookList.label "Zuora Bill To Address" or "Zuora Sold To Address"
n/a Tax Item Mapped from Z-Suite preference NetSuite Default Tax Code if populated.