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Refund Field Mappings: NetSuite to Zuora Sync


Refund Field Mappings: NetSuite to Zuora Sync

This topic describes the mappings of the Refund information sync from NetSuite to Zuora.

In some cases, the Source and Destination fields are associated with different objects.

Refund Mappings

The Destination column lists the default names for the fields in NetSuite. Your fields may have been modified from the default values.

Source Field Destination Field
(Invoice Payment)
tranDate RefundDate  
applyTo.amount Amount  
applyTo.ZuoraRefundPaymentId PaymentId MethodType  
n/a TransferredToAccounting "Yes" when completed. 
memo Comment  
n/a Type "External"
n/a SourceType "Payment"
IntegrationStatus n/a "Creating Refund...," while processing, and "Sync Complete" when completed. 
ZuoraId n/a Update with the new Zuora ID when completed. 
SyncDate n/a Update with the current timestamp when completed. 
applyTo.ZuoraId n/a Update with the Zuora ID when completed. 
applyTo.IntegrationStatus n/a "Sync Complete" when completed. 
internalId IntegrationId__NS  
n/a Origin__NS "NETSUITE"
n/a SyncDate__NS The current datetime.
Transaction__NS This value is concatenated.