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Synchronize company with Zuora accounts


Synchronize company with Zuora accounts

The Account object in Zuora is correlated with the company data in HubSpot. Additionally, the connector ensures that HubSpot's company contacts are synchronized with Zuora's accounts.

Key details about company synchronization

  • In HubSpot synchronization, the presence of contacts in the company is optional. 
  • The company mandates filling in fields like country and state. The Zuora connector also allows additional fields like city and pin code to meet tax requirements.
  • The company's address is used to create the 'Bill To' and 'Sold To' contacts in the Zuora Account. The 'Bill To' and 'Sold To' fields will have the same information as the contact's first and last name, mapped to the company address.
  • The contact details of any other individuals in the company will be synchronized with Zuora, using their contact information for names and the company's address for the address field.

Functional Capabilities

Set Bill To and Sold To contacts in Zuora account

  1. To access HubSpot Associations, go to Access Settings > Data Management > Contacts > Associations.
  2. Create new associations of type Contacts to Company with the following configurations:
    • Label Bill To with internal name: bill_to_contact_company
    • Label Sold To with internal name: sold_to_contact_company

Steps to mark contacts on company

  1. Navigate to the company and access the contact intended for the Bill To contact in Zuora Account.
  2. Designate the contact as Bill To using the created association.
  3. Follow similar steps for specifying the Sold To contact.

Synchronize company from HubSpot

A CRM card labeled Sync Object To Zuora will contain two buttons:

  • Sync Company with Deals: Syncs the specified company with all related deals and contacts.
  • Sync Company and Contacts Only: Syncs the company and its contacts, excluding deals.

Once synchronization is complete, the corresponding Zuora data can be accessed from the company’s associated CRM card. The card also includes significant account-related information.