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Billing connector for HubSpot FAQs


Billing connector for HubSpot FAQs

This article contains answers to frequently asked questions about Billing connector for HubSpot. If you have a question not covered here, don't hesitate to ask in the Community Group or reach out to Zuora Global Support.

We are continually updating the list. 

Q: Can a custom property be mapped from Hubspot's product to a custom field on Zuora's object?

A: No. It is not possible to map a custom field from Hubspot's product to a custom field on Zuora's object.

Q: Can the connector modify the monthly or quarterly billing period when setting the HubSpot product price?

A: You can change the billing frequency from monthly to quarterly when updating the deal. However, you cannot change the charge model from one-time to recurring or vice versa.

Q: When does the connector initiate product creation in Zuora?

A: The connector creates a new product in Zuora when it identifies a different SKU.

Q: Does the connector support updating products in Zuora?

A: Currently, the connector does not support product updates in Zuora.

Q: Can the connector handle multiple currencies?

A: Multi-currency is not supported by the connector by default. Use custom field mapping to connect the currency field in Hubspot to the standard currency field in Zuora for similar functionality.