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Configure API Loader for Specific Zuora Objects


Configure API Loader for Specific Zuora Objects

The API Loader for the following Zuora objects are available in Developer Tools:

  • Product Catalog
  • Account & Contact
  • Subscription
  • Amendment
  • Accounting Period
  • Orders

The Orders API Loader requires that the Orders feature is enabled in your Zuora tenant. If you want to enable Orders, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

You cannot use the Amendment API Loader with the Orders feature enabled.

These API loaders have three functions:

  • Export the information on an object from your Zuora tenant.
  • Import a CSV file with detailed information to create new instances of the corresponding object in Zuora.
  • Migrate the object information from one tenant to another.

Create an API Loader Task

Take the following steps to create a new API Loader task:

  1. Click New Task, select the object where you want to export the information, and click API Loader. Taking Product Catalog API Loader as an example, a dialog is then displayed:
    Product Catalog API Loader
  2. Complete the configuration based on the desired run mode. See the following topics for further information:  


Product Catalog API Loader does not allow you to create products, rate plans, or product rate plan charges using the same name on an existing product.

For example, a product rate plan charge named TestCharge already exists on a product. If you want to add another charge of the same name to this product, you must create the charge with a different name, then use Generic API Loader to update the name of the charge to TestCharge