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Create a Tenant Login of Basic Authentication in Zuora Connect


Create a Tenant Login of Basic Authentication in Zuora Connect

Before you can install any apps in your Zuora tenant, you must create a login for your tenant in Zuora Marketplace. This is a one-time procedure that grants apps permission to access your Zuora tenant. The authentication credentials for your Zuora tenant will be stored in a Zuora Marketplace login.

A tenant login can use either basic authentication or OAuth. Because some functions only work when OAuth is used, Zuora recommends that you create an OAuth login for your tenant. See Create an OAuth Login in Zuora Marketplace for details.

You must perform this procedure in Zuora Marketplace, not in your Zuora tenant. If you do not have a Zuora Marketplace account, see Sign Up for a Zuora Marketplace Account for more information.


To create a basic authentication login for your Zuora tenant:

  1. Log into Zuora Marketplace.

  2. Navigate to My Connect > Tenants.

    The Tenant Logins page opens:


  3. Click New Login, then select Zuora.

    The New Login dialog box opens:


  4. Enter the username and password of a user account in your Zuora tenant. Apps will access your Zuora tenant as this user.

    Zuora recommends that you enter the username and password of an API-only user account. This will prevent unexpected disruption when running apps. See Create an API User for more information.

    See Manage Users and User Roles for how to manage user accounts in your Zuora tenant.

  5. Click Save Login.

What's Next

You are now ready to purchase and install apps in your Zuora tenant. You can do this from within Zuora Marketplace or from within Zuora.

See Marketplace for more information.