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Install an App


Install an App

Before you can use an app, you must install the app on your Zuora tenant. 



  1. Log into your Zuora tenant.

  2. Navigate to Marketplace > Purchases.

  3. Locate the app to install, then hover and click Deploy or Download.

    "Deploy" corresponds to apps that have been purchased; "Download" corresponds to apps that are automatically available for you to install.

  4. In the New Configuration window that opens, specify the configuration details for the app:

    • Name - A name is automatically populated. Modify the name if necessary. 
    • Run Mode -See the app's documentation to learn about how to choose a run mode.
    • Execution - Select External unless otherwise specified in the app's documentation.
    • Build Name - Select Production - US, irrespective of your environment.
    • Source, Target, etc - Select the tenant login for the app. Some apps or functions require using OAuth. In this case, select the OAuth tenant login for the installation.
  5. Click Create.
    The app is installed and will be populated under Marketplace in Zuora shortly. You may need to refresh the page for the app name to display.

After an app is installed in the tenant, you can launch, configure, and use the app in Zuora.

Contact your Engagement Manager or Zuora Global Support if you have further questions.

Now Zuora Connect is only used for creating OAuth tenant logins. You cannot launch, configure, or use an app in Zuora Connect anymore.

To learn about how to configure and use an app, refer to the documentation of the app on App Documentation.

For the Tax app installation, see Configurable tax apps and select the respective vendor app page that you are seeking to install.